Irritation, bruising, and the honor system

Today has been one of those frustrating days. Not in the sexual energy frustration…no not that at all. Frustration with the flare up of the irritation and minor swelling around the vasectomy scar tissue as well as some bruising, I’ll explain that in a second.

I felt the irritation starting Saturday on the drive home.  Could MrsL’s nearly 90 minutes of constant stroking, teasing and pressure been a catalyst…maybe…but I doubt it.  It flares up at the craziest times and it is hard to pin down an exact cause.  

The bruising?  Well, bruising is one of the potential side effects of the magic bullet ED shot due to where you have to take the shot…(I will pause here for the squeamish so if you don’t like needles stop reading now and pick up in the next paragraph)….on the base of the penis.  You get an auto injector that is calibrated to provide just the right amount of “stick.”   You put the prefilled syringe in the auto injector, place the tip at the 1 o’clock position near the base, and squeeze the trigger….12 to 15 minutes later…rigid like a flag pole.  Sometimes, due to the intensity of the sexual activity I get some bruising.  You would think that it would be cleared up by today but Wednesday night I had to remind MrsL a couple of times she had found the injection site and was squeezing a bit too hard.  Where the Steelheart tube joins the base ring is a tight fit but comfortable…unless…there is some bruising in that same location.  It should clearr up by tomorrow but right now it is not.  

I mentioned both the irritaion/swelling and bruising issue to MrsL after I came down from  my office at 5:30 this afternoon.  She reminded me that she doesn’t want me wearing the Steelheart in pain.  Now let’s clarify being uncomfortable due to an attempted erection is perfectly acceptable to MrsL.  However, being in near constant pain from the swelling is not at all acceptable to her. She told me I could take off the the Steelheart but I am waiting until bed time….thinking it may miraculously clear up.  She has threatened to put “don’t be stupid about being in pain” on the discipline infraction list to make her point stick. 

My concern is I leave on a 2 day business trip tomorrow and I don’t want her to think I am just looking for a way to not take the Steelheart and wear it while I am out.  If I take it off, I am going to take it with me and probably be stupid and stubborn and put it back on when I get to my destination.  Yes, I enjoyed being free but I miss the security of having it on.   

So, I guess I will be on the orgasm control honor system without chastity this week, which is okay as well.  

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