Adventurous weekend

I don’t even know where to begin this post but I know where it ends…me sitting here back in MrsL’s Steelheart after one of the most sexually adventurous weekends we have had in a long time.

MrsL let me change my mind to stay unlocked for the trip to my son’s game Saturday.  It was a cold, wet, miserable day…at the least the football game was but our team won with .46 seconds left in the game.  It was great.  There is nothing like the atmosphere of college football game…big time schools or small regional schools!  One the way to the game, MrsL decided she was bored and found a great way to entertain herself.  Again, I realize this is probably not safe (especially with all the rain) but it sure the hell is sexy and fun.  MrsL started by scratching up and down my right leg letting her hand glance over my groin.  As she noticed the bulge developing in my jeans she commented how great it was seeing my reaction through various fabrics.  She normally plays games on her phone and when she set her phone down I could tell she had something on her mind. She adjusted my seat belt with one hand and unbuttoned my jeans with the other and slid a hand inside my underwear.  

“Let’s see,” as she looked at the GPS, “we have an hour and a half left…I wonder if I can keep you hard and on edge for at least an hour.”  She stroked, squeezed, massaged, and did this thing like she was tapping her fingers on the table from the base up to the top which drove me mad.  Just to be clear, nothing was exposed but since we drive a low profile vehicle I am sure some p eople passing us could have seen what was happening.  She even decidec to incorporate her new phone game, Yahtzee, to determine how many strokes she would give me.  At some point, I had to beg her to stop because I didn’t have a change of clothes…she just giggled and told me I better control myself. 

At about the hour mark, we had to stop for gas.  I’ve talked many times about how private MrsL is…well today…she truly surprised me.  The gas station was busy and I had to pull up beside a vehicle with, in my opinion, a hot late 20 something Dad entertaining his young child in the back seat of his SUV with the door open. MrsL didn’t pull her hand out of my pants until I put the car in park.  The Dad turned around just as her hand slide out of my jeans.  “Don’t button your pants…” was all she said as I got out to pump gas. Once I got back in the car she resumed her mission and did indeed keep me on edge for another 20 minutes.  We got to school, picked up my son for lunch, and then parked near the music building. Since it was raining we just sat in the car for nearly 2 hours and well…the adventurous MrsL came out to play.

“Lean your seat back…” she said as her hand drifted toward my crotch.  We don’t have tinted windows but had managed to park between two trucks so there was a bit of privacy.  This time she used the easy access fly on my Tommy John underwear to create more sexual frustration.  With the rain, most people walking by were under umbrellas and had hoods up so they weren’t looking around.  By the time we got out to head to the stadium she had edged me a good 20-25 times total from the driving to the parking lot.

On the drive home she decided to feed me french fries…one at a time…making comments about how “long” a fry was or putting 3 together and commenting on how “thick” they were. Luckily our son, in the back seat coming home to get his new car, was exhausted and not paying attention since he was eating as well. Once he laid down and fell asleep the teasing started again…only through my pants but equally effective. 

We both collapsed in bed when we got home so I was still free but frustrated. A couple of times during the night I woke up grinding an erection in her back and stopped immediately.  

Sunday morning I woke up and started caressing MrsL’s back.  She rolled over and opened up to me as we started kissing passionatley.  I had forgotten to take out the PA ring and as I started to enter her. 

“What do you think you are doing..” and I stopped to take out the curved barball which completely killed the erection.  “That is the last free warning you get about that issue” she stated quite firmly as I nuzzled her breast in my mouth.  I went down on her and brought her to several great orgasms.  

“You still get one more orgasm before I lock you up” she reminded me as we were laying intertwined on the bed.  She reached down and started playing with my semi erect cock…which spring back to life.  As she began stroking me she asked she playfully said:

“I can give you one right now with my hand  or you can stay unlocked for the day, since we are going to the local theme park for haunted houses tonight, and cum inside me tonight”

I so wanted to cum right then but relished the thought of one more day of freedom.  

Her touch felt amazing and I was so damn conflicted.  She increased her rhythm and informed me she was going continue toward making me cum unless I got out of bed.  DAMN! I rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed…she reached around and grabbed my still rigid cock to continue stroking me.  

“I said if you in bed I am going to make you cum.” 

I jumped up and moved a good 2 feet away from the bed and she just laughed as she got up.  We had a great day and then the two of us and our youngest son had went to the theme park around 5:30.  We stayed until it closed at midnight so we could go through all of their haunted houses getting home around 1  a.m. Oh, as we waited in the lines for each house MrsL would back into me with a hand behind her back and massage me through my jeans.  

Again we both collapsed in bed when we got home. “If you wake up in the night you have my permission to wake me up.”

I woke up at 4 and ran an hand over her breast.   She moaned turning toward me to give me a kiss letting me know she wanted to play.  I had token out the PA ring before going to bed so I immediately got into my  favorite position, good old fashioned missionary which allows me to watch her face enjoying our intercourse, and drove deep inside her.  A slow steady rhythm of strokes created a gradual build up of my orgasm.  As I started getting close I reached under her hips creating a  nice arch in her back and asked for permission to cum. “Yes…”

Even though it had only been a few days, my entire body shuddered as I shot the first of 5 or 6 pulsing contractions of cum inside her wonderfully hot pussy.  She flexed her kegels with each one effectively   milking me dry. 

“Grab a towel…” was a welcome surprise.  After  cleaning both of us up, I snuggled in behind her and fell asleep until the alarm jarred me out of my deep sleep.  Even though  I have a flight tomorrow, I got up and locked myself in the Steelheart so she could sleep. 

Weekends  have become so much more fun! 

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