The decision…

Work has finally slowed down enough to update things.  

I went in to wake up MrsL and after a little light touch massage for her she rolled over, pulled me in for a kiss and reached under my shorts and started stroking my rapidly growing cock.  She purred as she let one hand alternate between slow strokes, massaging my balls, and fingering my ass and the other hand gently scratching my back under my t-shirt.  When she sensed I was getting close she focused all her attention and both hands on my cock and balls.  

I was whimpering quite a bit trying hard to stand still and finally simply said, “please.”  

She looked me in the eyes all the while increasing the stroking and asked:

“You don’t want to waste your last orgasm and make a mess on my hand do you?”

“No, Princess.”

“You can have one more orgasm before I lock you back up…but it will not be now.”

She released her firm grip, transitioning to a light touch, and just watched my face. I am certain it was contorting in many different ways.  

“My decision is to let you decide…tonight or tomorrow night…for your last orgasm before I lock you up for a long time.”

My mouth instantly said “tonight” while my brain was screaming tomorrow night you fool….!

We are going to our youngest son’s football halftime performance tomorrow.  If I wait until tomorrow night…I can go to the game cage free…which would have been awesome!  I thought I ruined that chance. 😦

I immediately begged: “Tomorrow night…please?” using my best 49 year old puppy dog eyes.

She laughed quite hardily and grinned.

“I was wondering if you would catch on to what I was offering…let me think.  Do I take your first answer…or…?”

“Please, Princess…tomorrow night…”  I pleaded.

“Okay, tomorrow night…but it is going to cost you since I am allowing you to change your answer.” 

I had completely fogotten, and I don’t know how, she was still lightly stroking my cock.  She stopped at that point and placed her pre cum stained hand at my mouth.  After licking it all off; she sat up in bed, patted me on the butt, and told me to get to work.  She refused to tell me what it was going to cost me; however, I am sure it will have something to do with being locked up.  Whatever it is, it will be her decision.    

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