Her decision

Well, I have to say I am a bit surprised but know it will end soon.  MrsL has allowed me to be sans Steelheart all week and for good reason.  She has been using me all week long.

Tuesday night, after getting back from my video conference, MrsL teased me quite a bit and ultimately had give her one orgasm…just one…no more which is such a challenge for me as feeling her body pulse in my mouth sends me in to a bit of a frenzy. Afterward we fell asleep with wonderful skin on skin contact without steel.

When I got her up Wednesday morning to take our son to his classes she said I could stay unlocked because:

“My goal today is to see just how long I can keep you hard and frustrated…”

Well, she did a damn fine job if I say so myself.  She would come up to my office and massage me through my shorts then walk away, several times. Anytime I went to kitchen for more water or for lunch she would pinch my nipples or jerk my shorts off (open windows and blinds so no CFNM right now) and either stroke me some more or lick and suck on me until I was about to explode then smile and say “get back to work.”  The best/worst tease was when I was on a call she came up to the office, spun me around in my chair, sat on the floor, and used her bare feet to edge me.  It’s a damn good thing I was able to be on mute for most of the call.  When she realized I was muting the phone she threatened to stop if I didn’t take it off mute…so I learned to control my breathing while she had fun.

She had a girls night out planned for the evening so after work I cut the grass.  After dinner, I sent her a text telling her I was going to shower/shave and asked if my free time was over.  Her reply was one word that made me happy:  “SHOT”.  That meant she wanted me to use one of my little medical enhancement shots to give me a nice hard and long lasting erection…but of course I had to wait until she got home.  So I showered, shaved, and took one of the little magic bullets out of the freezer.  When she came home, she and my son decided to watch one of their recorded shows so she sent me a text telling me to go upstairs and “get ready” and relax on the bed.  She said she would text me further instructions prior to her coming up.  The shot takes about 15 minutes to be fully effective so once I was, in her words, “as rigid as a flag pole” I sent her a SnapChat of her flag pole and got back smiley face emoji. I lay there drifting on the edge of sleep until my phone chirped: “go wait in the closet”.

A few minutes of nipple and calve torture later, MrsL comes in the closet and presses her naked flesh against mine and begins running fingers up and down my entire body creating wonderful sensations of pain from the clamps holding me in place and pleasure from the chills coursing over my body…head to toe…!

I glanced at the time when she walked me to the bed…12:00 a.m.  After multiple orgasms for MrsL, one ruined orgasm for me buried deep inside her (because she said no when I asked and she simply sat down on my cock and stopped all activity), one full orgasm for me again buried deep inside her, and me giving her a couple more orgasms with my mouth and tongue while cleaning up all of my cum we collapsed on the bed around 2:00 a.m.  We actually tried to go again but embarrassed to say were both exhausted…and a bit sore…!  We haven’t felt like that in a long, long, long time!

Yesterday morning, she informed me that we needed to plan a long weekend away so we can actually use a magic bullet in the morning and see just how long it will really last!!  The best thing…she said I could stay unlocked because she wanted to “have me for lunch”.  Well, that turned out to be me having her for lunch and being teased to the point of cumming and her giggling as she walked away….her new little “trademarked” move…if you will.

So, I am about to go wake her up and start my work day.  It may be her decision to leave me unlocked?  It may be her decision to lock me back in the Steelheart?  Either way it will be her decision and I could not be happier either way!

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