The reward

One of the great things about working from home…I can take a few minutes and write…

After a wonderful weekend of teasing our week was off to a pretty routine start.  Conference calls and report writing for me and MrsL working her business and playing chauffer to our son (it is funny what we do for our kids).  MrsL; however, continued teasing me every opportunity she could all day Monday and yesterday.  Then I had a video conference pop in my schedule for last night.  As I have mentioned before, I have to pass through metal detectors entering and leaving and the nature of my work means I need to not raise any concerns…so MrsL unlocked me.  As she did she toyed with me verbally…

“You never know what might happen tonight…” and walked out of our room.  Of course my senses are on overdrive already which made the drive to the facility, the video conference, and the drive home nearly unbearable.  When I got home, we both lounged on the couch watching t.v. and as usual I went to bed before she did.  When she finally came to bed she asked me if I was naked…my clue to take out the PA jewelry as she says it causes too much irritation. 

As soon as I had placed the PA ring on my night stand she pounced…and I do mean pounced!  She rolled on to her side throwing a leg across mine and started lightly massaging my uncaged erection.  I immediately got lost in her control.  She combined a feather light touch on my fully erect manhood with a gentle bite on the closest nipple which combined was causing my body to shudder.  Her purring and moaning as she did this was powerfully seductive.  

“Where do you want your cock to be right now…in a place where there is no possibility of cumming (meaning her mouth as she has tried that before and didn’t like it) or in a place where if I say it is alright you can cum?”  

“Princess, I want to be whereever you want me to be” I replied…and was rewarded with a healthy full on biting of my nipple.  

“If I ask you a direct question…I expect a direct answer…you have two options…” as she went back to nibbling and lightly stroking me.

“I want to be inside your pussy, Princess.”

As she started to move down my body showering kisses on the way down, she laughed and said,

“We don’t always get what we want but at least I now know what you want tonight…hehe.”

I got the best blowjob ever taking me to the cusp of orgasm two or three times before she inched her way up to straddling me.  As she playfully slid her swollen labias (if that is the right pluarl form) up and down on my shaft, never fully letting me inside her, she would giggle each time the head passed over her clit.  

“What do you want?”

“Please le me be inside you, Princess…”

Finally, she reached down and inserted the head of my cock inside her…ohhh how wonderful!  She began a slow and steady tempo flexing her kegels each time on the “upstroke.”  She kept this up until she could sense I was close…

“Not yet…wait just a few more seconds for me…” as she increased her tempo.

Since our bedroom door was opened, I was trying desparately to be quiet. I was clutching the sheets and pursing my lips to stifle the overpowering urge to wail like a madman as she rode me over the edge.  

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only 15-20 seconds she simply said, “OK.”

I blasted cum inside her with 3 or 4 powerful spasms, all the while muffling my pleasure, then she started riding me again! I am not sure how I stayed quiet but she got pleasure from the whole situation!  When she rolled off of me she cupped the puddle of cum from the base of my cock and poured it in my mouth.  After she was sure I swallowed everything, I got a long passionate kiss.  

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

This morning, I asked if I could stay unlocked until I got the yardwork done and could properly shower and shave this evening adn her reply surprised me…

“If I didn’t tell you to put it back on then why ask…besides you may get lucky again today.”

She gave me a kiss and hopped out of bed.  


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