Continuing to tease and frustrate…part 2

I woke up Sunday morning straining against the Steelheart around 7 am.  For the past 3 weeks the night time erections have been manageable, almost non existent, so having one this strong really took me by surprise.  I vaguely remember dreaming about being “on display” in our house for some type of party but the details are fuzzy.  I managed to calm things down with a cold wash cloth and laid back down until 9.  MrsL was in a deep sleep and I didn’t want to bother her so I got up and got ready for the day.  I grabbed the plug and got things “situated” for the day, got dressed (windows up….son at home….damn), and went downstairs.

MrsL had left me a list of several things most of which involved stuff I do anyway: vacuum and clean floors, get the laundry caught up and put away, deep clean the kitchen, deep clean all of the bathrooms, and a few “personal” task she needed throughout the day :-)!  Since everyone was still asleep, I took advantage of a little DVR time and watched Ghost Adventures (NOTE: yes I do believe in spirits, ghost, and the like…I have experienced several in my life…) and have a couple of cups of coffee.  After getting caught up on GA I started my chores for the day with every little movement reminding me that MrsL was in charge.  Around 11 I heard footsteps upstairs and knew it was my son, since he had to be at work in an hour, so I made MrsL some Chai tea and went up to greet her for the day.  She was both pleased and flustered that I let her sleep so long…more pleased…and rewarded me by stroking the trapped erection.  At some point she asked me if I thought I could have an orgasm while in the Steelheart, which took me by surprise because she smiled from ear to ear when she did ask.  I told her I wasn’t sure but I guess anything is possible.

“Well, I may want to try to make that happen at some point…maybe later today.”  She shoved me aside and hopped out of bed leaving me completely horny as hell.

After brunch and taking my son to work we both got busy getting the house livable, at least to our standards, again.  I realized that it was discipline day and that we wouldn’t be alone tonight so I reminded MrsL.  She sent me to the garage immediately but made me wait for what seemed like forever before coming outside.  She gently tapped my exposed cheeks with her hand as she asked me to recite all of the offenses for the week.  We both have contributed to the list of offenses.  Mine are more geared on 26 years of habits that are disrespectful: interrupting her, ignoring her when she ask a question, making sarcastic comments about something she is doing; while hers are more for things she wants me to do: never go upstairs empty handed (laundry), always open the door for her, always make the bed each day, etc.  She decided on the punishment:  for each offense I would receive 3 swats + 1 for repeating the same offense within the week.  Today’s tally was only 12…a good week for me after last week’s “catch up session” where I stopped counting after 5.  You see, even though MrsL seems reluctant to punish me she makes sure I remember why I am being punished.  We have a rule, neither of us will do anything we don’t like or make us feel uncomfortable and even though she says punishing me makes her feel “bad” she has really made it worthwhile.  I love being marked by her and the marks lingered last week for 3 days and this week for 2 days…!

After the spanking we each went about our specific chores.  Remember the “personal” task?  Well a couple of times throughout the day she took me aside and made me give her an orgasm.  She said it was to give her “energy” for the rest of the day.  The last personal break we took she teased me to the point of nearly having that orgasm inside the Steelheart then left me standing there balls purple and the Steelheart jumping.  It took me a couple of minutes to regain my composure.

Fast forward to Sunday night, MrsL came in to our room with her key and put it on the night stand.

“I am not sure if tonight is the night.  I need a few more orgasms to make up my mind.”

Fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue were all put to good use for the next hour.  She had 8 orgasms each more satisfying than the last.  I was oozing pre cum out of the tube and in between her orgasms she would stroke and squeeze as much pre cum in to her hands as possible and have me lick her hand clean.  After the last orgasm, she grabbed her key and inserted it in to the lock and stopped.

“You did a great job today. You got everything on your list done. However, I don’t want any more orgasms tonight…I hope you are okay with that…are you?”

No amount of begging or pleading worked.  She would caress my chest and say no.  She would run a finger down the inside of my thigh and say no. Each time she said no she just giggled.

“Isn’t this what you wanted…me to be in charge…and to tease you…make you think you are going to have an orgasm then say no?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Well, it is a new week and I am in the mood to have you inside me and maybe even let you have that orgasm…just not tonight.  Sweet dreams.”

Thus ended a fantastic weekend!

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