Continuing to tease & frustrate…

It has been a few days since my last post and a lot has happened.  I broke out of the funk I was having and enjoyed a great weekend with MrsL.  She really enjoyed it and has amped up the teasing and denial…quite frankly…I think she has finally come to the realization that she truly is in control!

Friday was supposed to be a lonely night at home by myself.  MrsL and our oldest were both supposed to work and I was all prepared to binge watch the new FX show The Bastard Executioner.  Alas, MrsL came home and informed me her show had canceled.  I could not have been more happy.  When she asked me what I wanted to do, I offered to pamper her for the evening and she graciously accepted.  Pampering included: hot bubble bath, shaving her from the waist down (which was simply awesome…I have never shaved her legs and to say it was a turn on would be a gross understatement), and a sugar scrub foot treatment. After her bubble bath she was treated to a nice massage complete with a moisturizer treatment for her feet.  Naturally, the massage led to me being allowed to use my fingers, lips, and tongue to bring her to several incredibly intense orgasms.  When I started licking her, I was so desparate to be unlocked and be inside her; however, as her orgasm count increased I found myself feeling as if I had an orgasm. Yes, I enjoy making her body pulse and spasm from orgasms but I have never really felt, emotionally, as sated without having an orgasm.  It is a great feeling.  Yes, the Steelheart was biting and confining during this but I really didn’t care.  

At some point, she pulled me up to lay beside her.  I was in heaven as I caressed her beautiful cuvacious body.  When I asked her if she would like more attention and orgasms she said, “no, let’s save it for later” and we kissed and had some heavy petting for awhile.  This is why I now believe she realizes she is truly in control.  A few minutes after this as she was gently squeezing my balls she slid her hand up to my head, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled me eye to eye with her, smiled and without saying a word pulled my face back down to her wonderfully wet and tasty snatch.  She didn’t say anything but I knew.  She also took my hands and placed them on her breast and held them there…forcing me to use nothing but my lips, teeth, and tongue to bring her to several more orgasms.  So incredibly hot!  

I have mentioned here before that I still seem to initiate most of our playtime.  She allows this and has told me if she doens’t want the attention at the time she will stop me…and she has done that numerous times.  Friday night was the very first time she has directed me to make her happy.  She has now done that several times since Friday night each time more intoxicating than the last.  

Saturday, we drove 6 hours roundtrip to see our youngest perform with his college band..well that was the plan.  Due to the rain, the band was not going to perform so we took him to and his roommate to lunch and told him we were not sitting in a downpour and said our goodbyes.  He told me later that night they were released to get out of the rain during the 2nd quarter.  On the way home, even with the rain, MrsL found time, in the slow periods of the rain, to reach across the car inside my pants to tease me.  I know, probably not the safest thing to do…but oh so exciting.  Maybe we have a little exhibitionist streak in us as a couple of times I am certian vehicles driving by with a higher ride profile could see what she was doing… 🙂

When she came to bed that night, she started playing with the Steelheart instantly making me hard inside.  As she was stroking the trapped erection behind the base ring she whispered in my ear: “I think tomorrow will be a great day to let out and let you cum inside me…don’t you agree…don’t answer just relax and listen…you are going to have to earn your release (pregnant pause) with manual labor…we have to get the house back in order…and if your task meet with my approval…I might let you out…might let you have an orgasm…either way you will know just how much I love you!”  I was nearing an orgasm at that point.  Since she has figured out that the Steelheart forces the erection back in my body and she can stroke it…she enjoys tormenting me that way.   After a few minutes of silent stroking she leaned back in and whispered: “oh by the way you are to be plugged all day…so if you get up before I do put your plug in…you will find your task list downstairs…sweet dreams…” She rolled over and went to sleep.   

I will leave it here for the time being…as I need to get some work done. Let’s just say…Sunday was a continuation of the teasing, build up, and….frustratingly awesome.

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