A little blogger recognition…

I have only been blogging for a couple of months and to have PCGuy be generous enough to list me on his Blogger Recognition post http://thrillofthechaste.net/2015/10/02/bloggers-recognition-award/ was awesome.  I really do appreciate being mentioned by him.

Bloggers Recognition Award

The purpose of this award is to motivate and encourage bloggers and let them know that they’re appreciated, no matter how big or small their blog is. The idea is to share the love; so at the end of this post I will be tagging about 15 bloggers who I’d love to nominate!

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Start a new post. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Next, include a brief story of how and why you started your blog

3. Then, share some advice or “lessons learned” for new bloggers

4. Finally, select up to 15 other blogs deserving of recognition and list them in your post. Publish it!

5. Last but not least, let the nominees know you have nominated them and provide a link to the nomination details (the post you just published).

6.  Go back to the person who nominated you and leave a comment with a link to your acceptance of the award!

So, here goes.  I started this blog for myself.  I enjoy writing so this was a natural way to chronicle our journey in the next phase of our life together.  We have tried male chastity many times in the past but since I was always focused on me it never really worked.  Earlier this year, I truly realized my wonderful wife and I were drifting further apart because I spent all of my sexual energy on myself through masturbation.  This time around, I made it all about her and things have been incredible ever since.  Yes we have bumps in the road…but…doesn’t everybody.

My biggest lesson learned is to not watch the Site Stats page.  This is my blog.  If people find it, read it, and even interact with me great….if not….great.  Don’t get so caught up in trying to “drive traffic” to your site.

As for blogs I feel should be recognized…in no particular order…as I read these daily:

Denying Thumper: http://denyingthumper.com/

The Drew Duality: http://thedrewduality.com/

Domina Jen: https://dominajen.wordpress.com/

I’m Hers: http://im-hers.blogspot.com/

Male Chastity Journal: http://www.malechastityjournal.com/

Training Narcissus: https://trainingnarcissus.wordpress.com/

Steeled Snake:  http://steeledsnake.com/

Monkey in a Cage: http://monkeyinacage.fetblogger.com/

Me and My Chaste Hubby: http://mychastehubby.blogspot.com/?zx=c9b99a86d9790633

Thrill of the Chaste: http://thrillofthechaste.net

Submissive Husband in Phoenix: http://subhubphx.blogspot.com/?zx=a2d83ced4bb1eebd

The Glow Inside: https://glowinside.wordpress.com/
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

One thought on “A little blogger recognition…

  1. If you’re wondering why this blog entry gets a lot of hits it’s probably because I use it as a bookmark for the blogs you’ve mentioned in it. 🙂

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