Taxi Driver….

While I have a few minutes…well hours…before my flight, I promised a post on my experience with taxis.  First, it seems I will never learn my lesson about checking in, or should I say attempting to check in, more than 90 minutes before my flight at international airports.  What good does a membership to the … More Taxi Driver….

Musings from Milan

I am glad to report that my separation anxiety seems to be subsiding.  I don’t know what to attribute this to but am glad.  It may be the fact that MrsL let me travel unlocked or that she is texting me throughout the day with awesome messages but either way I still feel connected. So, … More Musings from Milan

Tease and Reward…

Last night MrsL taught me a valuable lesson.  She is now in charge and I am never going to assume anything relating to chastity or orgasms ever again. Let me pick up with the issue of the football game tonight and potential for having to pass through metal detectors.  My retort about “just wearing a … More Tease and Reward…


This is going to be a short post because I have a ton of stuff to prep for my two week European trip that starts Sunday  And to make matters more pressing, we are going to be gone all day Friday and Saturday visiting first my sister-in-law on Friday to watch my nephews play football, … More Two

Mastering the tease

I am really not sure when it officially happened and I surely didn’t see it coming.  The whole point of male chastity, enforced male chastity, is having your KH keep you sexually charged as long as possible.  We have been on the enforced chastity journey since February all the while MrsL has been learning how … More Mastering the tease

The Evil Queen….

Cue the dark, foreboding, yet erotically sexy music…. So, as promised MrsL texted me after she dropped our son at college telling me to block out 90 minutes for lunch. I let her know I had blocked out 11:30 to 1:o0 and got back her little she devil emoji…which put a grin on my face. … More The Evil Queen….