Distracted after lunch…again

After a little over 36 hours, an incredibly hot & sexy lunch time play session yesterday, and yet another lunch time edging session, MrsL locked the Steelheart back in place a few minutes ago. 

My day started at 3:15 a.m. so I could be on a 5 a.m. video conference until 6. I then drove back home and had conference calls scheduled until 12 p.m. but got done at 11.  Being a good chaste/sub hubby, I went in and put on the Steelheart, put the lock in the receiver with the key, and went downstairs to have her lock it in place. She just laughed and said:

“You told me you were done at 12…I was going to come upstairs and give you a wonderful surprise…but since you have it on already I guess that is out of the question.”

I guess my poor puppy dog eyes worked, this time, because after locking me in she grabbed the Steelheart like a lead and walked me upstairs.  In the bedroom, she had me undress her which allowed me to shower her entire body with soft kisses then she unlocked me:

“Leave the ring on…and remember you can’t have an orgasm.”

She shoved me down on the bed and told me if my hands came below my head everything would stop…so up went the arms. She gave me the most incredible oral attention, occasionally commenting on the lovely hue of purple my cock and balls were at the time. I was on edge in no time so she stopped for a second then started stroking me lightly.  When she felt like she had waited long enough she had me stand up and allowed me inside her…again locking her legs around my waist. She was again in control and took me to the edge 3 more times.  The whole time she demanded that I look at her, which was powerfully sexy.  When I finally broke down and begged for an orgasm as I approached the 4th edge she unwrapped her legs and used her feet to push me away.  

“No, you may not…but you can give me one with your tongue.”

Once she was sated, she stood up, grabbed the Steelheart tube, and told me to put it on. 

Needless to say, it is going to be tough focusing on work for the rest of the afternoon.

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