On a “breakaway”

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check my testosterone levels.  MrsL is still not comfortable with me going to any appointment wearing the Steelheart so when she finally came to bed last night (well this morning around 2:30 am…she is a night owl) she unlocked me for my  appointment.  She took full advantage of the situation.

We keep the Steelheart in my travel dopp kit in the bathroom so I got up to put it in its place.  When I came back to bed she grabbed me pulling me to her mouth for a long intense kiss.  During this time, she let her hand drift down to my exposed manhood which despite a night time erection about an hour earlier, that required a cold washcloth to calm down, had sprung to fully hard. 

“Look what I found…” she said between biting and sucking on my bottom lip.  “Make sure you don’t have an unauthorized orgasm…”

With that, she slid down my body, picked up my balls, and licked from the bottom of my sac all the way up to the tip of my cock.  I thought I was going to explode.  “You better not cum.”

She alternated between sucking and nibbling on the head to full on stroking me wildly letting her fist slam into my balls.  It was awesome.  All I could do was lay there enjoy but concentrate on not losing control.  She could sense I was getting close while taking me fully in her mouth so she sucked all the way to the top letting me “pop” out of her mouth.  She then showered kisses all the way up my stomach/chest until reaching my mouth giving me one more deep kiss, “Sweet dreams, my love.”

She lay down on my chest and grabbed my still twitching cock with her hand and held it as she dozed off to sleep.  I was truly in a happy place at that point! 🙂

This morning, I found an invitation for a 5 am video conference tomorrow morning with Asia which requires me to go to our facility with metal dectectors.  When I called her and told her about the video conference and asked if she wanted me locked up for the day she surprised me:

“Can you behave for 24 hours?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“Then you can have a one day breakaway…but I will be watching you.”

It feels great to have earned a modicum of trust…!  

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