Developing into an Incredible KH

As I posted earlier, MrsL graciously agreed to leave me on a “breakaway” for the day.  She took advantage of this during our lunch break.  

Since it is a gloomy raindy day with humidity near 100%, a slow drizzle all day, we have the AC on and the blinds down so CFNM is being enforced so she has full access.  I need to back up for a bit to yesterday morning to lay a little backstory.  

Yesterday morning, she got up and was getting dressed to take her car to the shop for a regular oil change.  I walked in the bathroom and made, what was intended as a joke, a sarcastic comment that I shouldn’t have made that I could tell instantly hurt.  I apologized profusely and she said all was good…but not for me.  I felt like there should have been instant punishment but she said she would get to it on her own time.  That is where we pick up today.

I always work through lunch, even at home, it just makes the day go faster.  So, as I went downstairs to take my dishes and put them in the dishwashwer MrsL asked me for my phone.  She found the timer and set it for 20 minutes, the longest period she’s ever put on it, and handed it back to me.  No words needed to be spoken as I knew exactly where I needed to go and what I had to accomplish…closet time out! I walked up to our room, grabbed the clamping clothes hanger, and hit start as I hooked the hanger with my pinched nipples back on the shelf. Typically, MrsL never comes up to check on me but today she did.  Toward the end of the 20 minutes she came in and told me this was for my overly sarcastic comment the day prior while she stroked my uncaged cock. As the timer went off, she reached around and grabbed each of the clamps on the hanger and squeezed…sending ribbons of pain through my entire body.  

“You better learn how to control that sarcasm..” was all she said as she unclamped my nipples.  

“Don’t you have to run to the eye doctor’s office” she asked me?

“Yes, Princess.”

“Well, when you get back come back up here and see me.”

I hurriedly got dressed and was there and back in about 20 minutes (just needed a piece replaced on my glasses).  I stripped in the laundry room off of the garage, as required, and sprinted upstairs.  What did I find, you ask?  My wonderful Princess laying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide.  She simply put a foot in the air and I knew what she wanted.  I sucked on her toes for a few minutes and then alternated placing kisses on the inside of her legs all the way up to her wonderfully wet pussy.  I split her lips with my tongue and gave her two great orgasms…all the while she was stroking me rigid. As she was coming down from the rush of the second orgasm she asked me how quickly I could take out my PA ring.  Needless to say, it was out in seconds.  She grabbed my cock and slid it inside her.  I started slowly driving deep inside her…stopping for a second before pulling all the way out.  She wrapped her legs around me and arched her back trapping me deep inside her and started grinding ever so slowly…

“Now, that feels awesome…” she informed me as I instantly felt the pressure building in my groin.  

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a devilish smile on her face. “You are not going to cum already, are you?”

“No, Princess but I am close.”  She reached up and latched on to my nipples which nearly caused an unauthorized release and I told her as much so she let go and continued her slow grinding.  I had to concentrate more than ever before because she had me locked in so tight I couldn’t pull out to calm down. I enjoyed the looks she was giving me…at one point taking her hands and flipping her hair up around her face…all the while slowly grinding on my ready to erupt cock.

I don’t know what she felt, saw, or just assumed but without warning she unwrapped her legs, sat up, and pushed me away…

“You are just going to have to wait…”  She gave me a peck of a kiss and slapped my aching balls before walking in to the bathroom leaving me standing there…my entire body aching to cum.  She walked past me still standing in the same spot, swatted my bare buttocks, and informed me:

“You don’t have orgasms…I have them. When I want to give you one…you just better be ready.”

Incredibly hot and sexy.  She is truly developing in to an AWESOME KH!

Now I need to get back to work!!

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