Being silly…

Throughout the day yesterday, MrsL and I were both very playful.  One of the things she has found she really enjoys about keeping me chaste is how hyper sensitive my entire body becomes while locked.  

I taught myself as a kid how to control whether or not I was ticklish.  I never liked being tickled so I focused on not being ticklish.  From the time we started dating until this year, I have kept a tight lid on that aspect of my life.  Needless to say, as an adult constantly masturbating and taking sexual energy away from my wonderful Wife didn’t help matters at all and she hated me not being ticklish.  Over the years, as we played with light bondage she discovered that I can be tickled and it made her extremely happy and excited…but…after a few seconds my old mental control would kick in and I could just “turn it off” usually killing the mood for her.

Fast forward through nearly 8 months of chastity for me and there is absolutely no controlling me being ticklish.  What is even more surprising for me is that just about anywhere she touches me can ellicit an outbreak of laughter…well except when she plays with her locked cock & balls.  As I wrote about yesterday, we had a lazy fun day that started by playing in bed for quite awhile and it included her tickling me mercilessly.  I mean, when she rolls on top of me and starts running her fingers up and down my rib cage I simply lose it!  The fun continued off and on all day for her…and me…it is amazing how great you feel during and after laughing.

At some point, I was at the kitchen sink after having caught her off guard in the laundry room and getting her good…tickling that is…and with water running I didn’t hear her walk up behind me.  

“You never know  where I am going to find a ticklish spot…” she said while ever so gently tickling my each side of my body just above the waist of my shorts. Even over the t-shirt it sent me in to a fit of giggles so she pounced.  She kept this up for several seconds, nearly causing me to drop a bowl, until I had to beg for mercy.  

“Just think,” she said, “you never used to be ticklish.  I love this.”

“I know…I didn’t like being ticklish.”

“No, you didn’t like being silly.  You have to be willing to be silly to be ticklish.”  

How true.  I am a very guarded person. Not anymore.  

We stood there and kissed passionately for a few minutes. Of course, she ran her fingers up my ribcage and under my arms to get one last ticklish shot in as she walked away…leaving me standing there laughing with a trapped erection in her Steelheart. 

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