The simplicity of touch

Last night, MrsL and I actually went to bed at the same time.  It was a cool night and she was just in the mood to snuggle and cuddle.  Laying there naked skin to skin is such an incredibly erotic feeling.  In the past, I am quite certain I would have forced myself on her even though she was not in the mood.  Last night, I enjoyed the simplicity of touch.

As she lay there on her stomach, I started gently running a single finger up and down her back paying special attention to the small of her back.  I rolled over so my head was resting on her shoulder.  For the next hour, I used fingertips, finger nails, the palm, and the back of my hand to stroke and caress her entire body…well everything except the pussy and rosebud ass.  I made certain that I did not touch her erotic zone…instead…focusing on making her entire body an erotic zone.

The sound and feel of her purring vibrated through the ear resting on her shoulder and radiated through my entire body.  The more she purred the more simple and gentle I stroked her body.  Running a finger up from the tip of her big toe, along the inside of her thigh, brushing ever so close to her labia, and then up around the curve of her cheeks would entice the most amazingly sensuous sounds out of her!  Swirling my fingers in the small of her back then gently scratching up her back to her neck elicited moans of sheer pleasure. Running my fingers through her hair, down her neck, and “playing piano” on her shoulders would make her shudder.  I am not sure, because she was very coy about answering, but I think she had an orgasm at that point… 🙂

When she finally rolled on to her side, I maintained my “hands off but on” approach.  I would circle each nipple while never actaully touching either of them.  I ran one, then two, then four fingers down between her breast, over her stomach, and gently tap the hood of her clit ensuring I dind’t touch it.  

I haven’t felt that energized and alive for a long time…even the awesome orgasms I have had recently don’t compare to how I felt last night!  MrsL told me several times during this intimate touching how insanely awesome she felt which validated the idea of simple touch. We finally fell asleep snuggled into each other, my arm wrapped around her resting on the hood of her clit.

She rewarded me this morning with an intense teasing session before climbing out of bed…! She described how wonderful it would feel to have my rock hard, yet desparately trapped, cock inside her as she stroked the erection behind the base ring.  Without warning, she stoopped, rolled out of bed, and simply smiled at me as she sached to the bathroom.  


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