Mid afternoon break

I love working at home.  I love that MrsL runs her own business and works from home as well.  This little arrangement allows for ample opportunity to have some fun when the mood strikes…and it did just that when I went downstairs at 1:30.

MrsL was working on the sofa as I was walking back upstairs so I stopped behind the sofa and and started gently massaging her neck down to her breast.  She leaned back giving me more access as I caressed her neckline…running my hands under her bra and tweaking her nipples.  At some point, she sat up and moved her laptop to the side of the sofa….my clue that she was going to allow me to continue.  I am always worried that I am being too forward but MrsL tells me that if she doesn’t stop me then nothing is wrong.

I took her hand and led her up to our bedroom, removed her shorts and panties, and lay her gently on the bed.  I nuzzled the inside her thighs then allowed my tongue to part her vaginal lips flicking the clit.  She moaned and arched her back giving me full access.  We stumbled across a new erotic position several weeks ago…my hands under the small of her back massaging as my mouth and tongue lick, chew, and suck on her.  I slid my hands under her back as I increased my attention to her clit.  Within minutes, she was bucking into my face as I was using my fists to massage the small of her back.  She had another physical (I guess the phrase is squirting) orgasm covering my face in her juices!  It was awesome.  I let her relax for a few seconds and went in for round two….massaging her stomach this time…as she had her second orgasm.  

I stood up, lay my chest on her still twitching crotch, reaching up to caress her neckline (she loves that) and when I sensed she relaxed I slid back down and let my tongue get back to work.  When I thought she had climaxed a third time, I moved back up laying on her crotch. She caught her breath and said:

“That must be what a ruined orgasm feels like…”  

“Wow, I thought you had a third one just now.”

“No…but it was intense.”

I decided that I needed to finish the job so I slid back down and started gently kissing her crotch.  She had another squirting orgasm at this point which really drove me wild.  When she has had enough…she will grab my hair pulling me up on top of her…since she didn’t do this I continued.  She had two more orgasms with the last one culminating in her really arching her back, thrusting in to my face, and letting out an incredibly sexy scream.  The windows are up so anyone walking by definitely heard it.

At that point, she grabbed my hands and pulled herself in to a sitting position then motioned for me to stand up.

“My heart is still pounding out of my chest…that was awesome!”

“Thank you, Princess.”

She slid her hands under my shirt and clamped down on my nipples.  I whimpered as she pinched…

“Look at me.  I LOVE YOU”  she said as I stared deep in her eyes. “I am going to take a shower and you are going back to work.”

With that, she pushed me away and sauntered off to the shower.  

What a nice afternoon break!

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