A need for privacy

PCGuy, over on Thrill of the Chaste, recently wrote about jury duty and passing through metal detectors.  At the time, I commented that I had a trip scheduled for today to one of our facilities that requires everyone to pass through metal detectors and how I was going to not tell MrsL and just stay locked up to see what happens.  That was the plan…until…I found out I also would have to take a side trip to the local courthouse to pick up some information for our insurance.  After discussing this with MrsL, we arrived on me being unlocked today for all of this.  While the thought of passing through a metal detector at one of my company’s buildings was intriguing, I also have to remember my role within the company.  I need to have a level of privacy and anonymity for my job and the possibility of triggering a metal detector entering and exiting the facility didn’t feel right to me.  I guess we will never know because MrsL is a very private person. The added trip to the county courthouse, who we both know from dealing with our oldest son’s addiction and DUI issues has very sensitive metal detectors, was the added straw to being unlocked.  Why not put on the Bon4?  I don’t know….it was her decision to let me have a breakaway for what turned out to be just over 12 hours.

Last night she took full advantage and teased me when she came to bed…making me edge myself inside her be refusing to let me have an orgasm. Of course, she received two great orgasms from me with my tongue…so she got what she wanted!!!

4 thoughts on “A need for privacy

  1. Ah, too bad- I was looking forward to hearing about your experience with it! 🙂 I understand though, privacy is very important. I’m pretty sure if I were going through a metal detector with co-workers or other friends/family (other than my wife, of course) I would also be much more hesitant to try it while locked!


    1. Thanks pcguy. With the possibility of me having to sit down and interview some of those same employees at some point in the future (if they choose to make bad decisions) it just didn’t make sense. We may still try at a later date at a game…?


  2. Yo Cyclist:

    Could you please use a darker font? It is very hard to read the lighter font when you reach the ripe old age of 63! BTW, I envy you guys; wife will not even discuss the prospect of putting me in a chastity belt (and yes, he does still work!).

    A friend


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