What a weekend

Let me start by finishing the story of MrsL threatening me with an extended lock up if I didn’t stop giving her orgasms Friday night.  As I wrote about Saturday, we had a fantastic afternoon/evening culminating in her experiencing double digit orgasms over a period of half an hour.  After sucking on her toes for a few minutes after the 11th or 12th orgasm (I lost count), I started showering kisses up the inside of her thighs…moving toward her wonderfully wet and engorged labia I heard:

“If you even lick me once right now…you will not get out of your Steelheart for another month!  I am in heaven right now but just a little sore….so come snuggle with me…”

I was not looking for another month in the Steelheart so I climbed up in bed and we cuddled for awhile before deciding we were hungry and heading to Moe’s.

Then came Saturday.  We drove around looking at cars. We went to the local apple festival (which was disappointing in many ways), and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the day.  It was kind of nice after the last couple of hectic weekends to just be bums, even though the house looked like a tornado blew through it.  As the afternoon progessed to evening we were both snoozing on the couch and boy did we both need that little bit of rest for the evening!

Around 9:30, MrsL asked me to get her key and unlocked me:

“Go upstairs, shower, shave, and get out my toy box.  Text me when you are done and then wait for me in time out!  Oh, by the way I took one of your shots out of the freezer…use it before you text me.”  (Last year, after some major performance issues I visited a men’s clinic and found out my testosterone was extremely low and had mild ED.  The shots are “performance” shots and are incredible…rock hard for a couple of hours with a bit of lidocaine to numb things up for extended play.  We only use them on special occasions and I guess she was in the mood for special.)

I went to the fridge and retrieved the magic bullet and went up stairs to prepare for the evening.  After I had followed her orders, I sent her the text and put myself in time out in the closet.  Based on a quick glimpse at the clock before she blindfolded me, I had been in time out for 25 minutes and the nipples were very sore and the calves were screaming.  She loves to gently (her words not mine) massage the nipples back in shape after being clamped…it is the epitomy of masochism…the pain is over the edge but exquisite at the same time.  Once secured to the bed and blindfolded, she wasted no time in playing with my rock hard erection with her mouth and hands.  She teased me for a long time bringing me to the edge 3 or 4 times and wiping the pre cum on her fingers to my mouth.  Then the fun started.

She climbed on up on top of me and slid herself down on me.  As she was sitting with me all the way inside her she began flexing her kegels while she told me:

“I am going to ride you but you are not allowed to cum.  I want you to remember the feeling, every squeeze, until you are just about to explode.  When are so close….I am going to lather my cock in Boy Butt’r, cover it up with at least one condom, and ride you until I collapse…Ready”

What was I going to say…No?

We joked yesterday about just how many new sensations I feel every time we use one of the shots.  MrsL just joked and said “it is amazing what I can do and make us both feel when you are as stiff as a flag pole…”

Even with the lidocaine in the shot, I can still feel quite a bit so it didn’t take a long time to get me to the edge again.  She would then “toy” with me with shallow thrust just over the head alternating with burying the entire rod inside her.  She altered angles.  She flexed muscles and had her own orgasm before rolling off of me.

“Boy Butt’r time…”

After lathering me in Boy Butt’r she covered my cock with a condom and lay there for a few minutes stroking me until she knew I was completely numb. When she climbed back on top of me I wasn’t sure what would happen…and it was incredible!  She collapsed on me after 3 orgasms and lay there for a few minutes before going to get a warm washcloth.  When she took off the condom and tried to wash off any remaining Boy Butt’r, she informed me that she wanted me to cum inside her.  She unhooked the straps and removed the blindfold and I wrapped myself around her when she climbed on top.  I was still rigid but had a little feeling.  When I finally had an orgasm, it was inredible.  She pulled off of me and let the cum leak on to my stomach then started scooping it in to her hand. “Open up…or you will not get out of your Steelheart until Christmas…” She fed me cum by hand, making sure there was nothing left on my stomach.  She lay on the bed and told me to make sure I didn’t miss any so I went down on her and finished off what was left.

Afterwards, I crawled in bed beside her and cuddled and made love a couple of more times this time in the good ole missionary position which allows us to look at each other…which I love.  However, she did not allow me to cum…she just wanted more orgasms.

We fell asleep wrapped around each other.  Sunday morning, I gave her two orgasms with my tongue and she allowed me to cum inside her again.  After cleaning her up, I let her roll back in to bed and sleep for a couple more hours while I watched my new favorite show, The Bastared Executioner, which I had DVR’d earlier in the week.  When she finally came downstairs, she asked me if I had locked the Steelheart myself to which I said no.  “Well, I am up now…go put it on.”  Thus the weekend ended!

The highlights of the weekend for me:

  1. She planned on using the shot and took it out of the freezer.  She has never done that so it was a complete surprise.
  2. She had several PIV orgasms…rare for us.
  3. She finally insisted I clean up my own cum. Up until now, I have usuaslly been able to beg out of it.
  4. The non chalant way she told me to lock back up.  She is definitely adjusted to me being in chastity and obviously loves it.  I don’t think there is any going back!

I have never been more in LOVE than I am now.  She is wonderful.  Ironically, as I was driving to meet a guy to look at a car this morning Billy Joel’s “She’s Got a Way” was playing on Sirius channel 17 (the Love Songs station).  How appropriate:

“She’s got a way about her. I don’t know what it is. But I know I can’t live without her anyway.”

Great weekend!!

2 thoughts on “What a weekend

  1. Sounds like a very good weekend. I am very interested in this magic bullet. My cock claims that it must have reached the end of its useful life and it’s too bad I didn’t know it years ago. It has tried several pharmaceuticals with uneven results, but I have suspected a low T problem and have urged him to ask about it. Is it available without the lidocaine as well? My cock sometimes has a delayed response as it is, and I wouldn’t want to drag that out any more than it is already. I am guessing it’s by prescription?


  2. Thanks for reading and the comment. It is by prescription but tailored to each individual and comes in the form of an injection…via an auto injector to the base of the penis…not painful! The lidocaine can be scaled back or even eliminated. The clinics are male specific clinics and I have heard them advertised in just about every major US city I have traveled to this year. The low T treatment in and of itself was greatly needed. The ED treatment is phenomenal but a little pricey…that is why we only use it for special occasions.


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