Successful start to a great weekend

I don’t have a lot of time to finish this post right now; however, I felt like I needed to at least write about how last night was a huge success!

MrsL was truly pampered with a nice hour long massage, a foot massage for another half hour, a nice long bubble bath, and she had to threaten to leave me locked for another month if I didn’t stop giving her orgasms (more about that later).  The romantic dinner…well…maybe tonight.  We both had a late lunch and weren’t really hungry (well I was hungry for her) at dinner time so that gave me the time needed to give her a really nice massage. We ended up at Moe’s at 9:30 p.m. for burritos….! 🙂

As we finally climbed in bed around 1 I started to work my way down her body again for another round of tongue magic and she tapped me on the shoulder and motioned me back in bed:

“I want to save some for tomorrow night.  I have big things planned for you.”  As she started tickling the bare skin between my stomach and groin I nearly came unglued

“Yep, you are ripe for the picking….now get a good night’s sleep and dream about tomorrow.”

“If you want me to get a good night’s sleep…can I take off the Steelheart?”

She hasn’t laughed that much in awhile….”You should have been a comedian…  Now good night!”

Needless to say I got some sleep but those damn nocturnal erections…..

We are off car shopping for our baby boy and then to a local apple festival.  I can’t wait until tonight!!

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