Do I get to be grumpy…?

Yesterday was a bad day from the time I got up until MrsL came to bed and challenged me about being grumpy most of the day.  She loved my Mom and misses her too.

That wasn’t the real reason I was grumpy.  From dealing with the insurance company for my son’s car, contacting attorney’s from our pre-paid legal plan to handle his ticket, to listening to all of the dogs in the neighborhood bark and howl all day (just like they are right now as I right this), to being stood up by someone who I drove half an hour to see his for sale car without a phone call, to finally getting home at 7:15 and realizing I still had to go to the store to get stuff to finish dinner…it just all added up and I snapped a couple of times at MrsL and my oldest son.  It was nothing major…as I was walking in from the garage with groceries I announced, in a rather brusqe voice, “can I get some help or we will not be eating until midnight!”

MrsL was gracious and simply looked at me and frowned.  I knew instantly I was not just walking a fine line…I had full on blew right past the line in to foul territory.  I really didn’t care if my son got upset…I mean he needs to continue to grow up and figure out this is not a hotel/restaurant.  They both got up and helped and we had dinner ready in no time; however, I felt horrible the rest of the night.  We watched the DVR’d Amercia’s Got Talent finals and results show in silence for the most part, only talking about the acts every once in awhile.  At around 11:30 when we finished watching everything I got up to clean the kitchen and had another moment of insanity.

MrsL is a night owl…she has been since we met…and it is something that really bugs me.  My son started to turn off the t.v. and she said, “I have a few more customer contact cards to put in my sales tracker so leave it on…”  Then from the peanut gallery (the kitchen) came this brilliant insight:

“Yeah, so that means you are going to sit up and watch 2 or 3 more shows you have DVR’d and not come to bed until 2….”

I got another look but was feeling really grumpy so I continued….”you know that is what is going to happen.”

I finished the kitchen, gave her a kiss, and went up to our room.  I felt horrible!  As I crawled in to bed I kept asking myself, “Is it okay to have a bad day and be grumpy” and never really resolved that question.  I was not grumpy because I have not had an orgasm in a couple of weeks. I was not grumpy because I am in my Steelheart 24/7.  I was not grumpy for anything other than letting the emotions of the day build up all day…I just blew up at the wrong person…MrsL.

When she finally came to bed, at 1:30 a.m., she snuggled in beside me and simply asked:

“Are you over being grumpy?”

“Yes, Princess.  I am so sorry.”

“I guess you are entitled to a grumpy day…especially on days like today…I miss your Mom too.”

I melted.

She rolled over and I spooned in against her back and wrapped my arm around her waist.  She started with my thumb….she stroked it ever so gently for several minutes.  Each finger got the same attention.  The Steelheart was particularly vicious during this teasing.  I never knew my fingers could trigger such a reaction.  As she was stroking my little finger she rolled over, gave me a kiss, and said:

“Sometime soon, when you have not been grumpy, I will give my cock the same gentle stroking treatment…just not tonight. I Love You.”

She rolled back over and went to sleep.  I lay there realizing just how wonderful my Wife/KH is and how she truly understands me.

Today has to be a better day.

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