Steelheart Secured in Place Again

A little Aquafor a couple of times today and the little abrasion was healed sufficiently to put MrsL’s Steelheart back on this afternoon around 4:40 p.m.  I am also trying the PA Security loop again tonight after seeing a picture of someone, I believe it was Thumper, with the PA loop underneath the shaft. I had been wearing it on top of the shaft so we are going to try it this way for the night.  Hopefully, I have it figured out and will not have to take it off again.

UPDATE Saturday morning:  well the PA security loop and I definitely don’t play well together.  I am thoroughly convinced that I need the next size up inside diameter to be able to use it without issue.  However, I will never try to take it off without MrsL’s approval so we really don’t need it for additional security.

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