Integrated lock…a blessing and a curse

MrsL and I read many reviews of numerous chastity devices before settling on the Steelworxx Steelheart with the integrated lock.  The one thing that I noted and have tried to ensure doesn’t become an issue is the lock getting stuck…well…I didn’t do such a good job over the past 9 days.

MrsL lets me out once every 7-10 days for a thorough cleaning and to shave everything.  Not only does she not like stubble on my face; she does not like stubble or a week’s growth of the pubes.  We discovered her love of a smooth cock and balls many years ago when I went in for the old “snip-snip” after our last son turned 3…I was told to shave my sac the night before and she helped.  She asked if she could shave it all off and I said “Yes” and she did.  That night, I got the most incredible blow job from her and ever since then I have kept it shaved.

Back to this morning.

We fooled around after the alarm went off with the Steelheart biting pretty hard.  MrsL got an awesome orgasm and then we hopped up to head to the bathroom.  She grabbed the key as we went in and started to unlock me.  The key went in just fine.  It turned to the unlock position just fine.  Then the trouble set in. It would not budge.  I was still a bit excited so I know there was a bit of pressure on the metal.  I tried pushing the tube into the ring a bit to no avail.  MrsL gripped me pretty hard but still couldn’t get it to budge so I tried slipping a finger underneath the tube.  I finally remembered that metal on metal with a week’s worth of water would cause an issue.  So, I grabbed the silicone lube and put a drop on the receiver.  It came out instantly.  As I grabbed some tissue to wipe up the excess silicone lube and as I went to throw it away MrsL said,

“What is bleeding”

I didn’t see any thing until I moved the base ring.  There was a nasty little skin abrasion right where I had inserted my finger to increase grip.  It didn’t hurt…it didn’t pinch…so I don’t know if I made the scratch or not.

As I got out of the shower, dried off, and grabbed the Steelheart, MrsL told me to let it heal before putting it back on.  I know it is the right thing to but I get more frustrated not wearing it than being teased, edged, and denied by MrsL.

The funning thing about my mindset right now…earlier this week I wrote about the strong desire to be out of the Steelheart and have my cock in my hands.  I was glad I couldn’t at that time because I would have masturbated to an orgasm….no doubt…which would have been wrong.  Right now, being on the honor system while the little abrasion heals…I have absolutely NO DESIRE to touch my cock.  That would be WRONG.

So, at some point today when everything heals back up I have specific instructions:

  • Put on the Steelheart
  • Lock it on myself…which I don’t like doing but will do this time
  • Send MrsL a SnapChat confirming I am again secure
  • Secure the emergency key in the closet on a numbered seal and send her a SnapChat of the secured key.


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