This morning, MrsL left early to get our son to his college classes then to the convention center to set up for her event this weekend.  I got up and loaded the car for her while she showered.  As I was walking out to the garage I noticed she had several parcels that obviously need to go to the post office today.  No big deal, I can do that on my lunch break I thought.  As she left I got a kiss and her cute little evil smile.

“I will call you when I drop off our son…”

Okay, what did she have in minnd???

About 30 minutes later, around 7:15 a.m., my phone rang.

“Did you see my packets that need to go to the post office?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“That means you have to leave the house today, right?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“You need to be locked and plugged when you leave the house, understand?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“No, as a matter of fact you need to go ahead and put the plug in now and keep it in all day, understand?”

“Yes, Princess…may I ask why?”

“No you may not ask…just do it.  I will call you when I am done.  I Love You” then she ended the call.

I am not sure what prompted this and really don’t care.  Maybe it is because I have asked for more anal play…who knows but it is her decision and I happily complied.  Since we have relaunched our chastity adventure earlier this year, MrsL has surprised me several times with some of her requests.  After each little surprise she ultimately gives me the “be careful what you wish for” routine.  I guess this is one of those little surprises even though she hasn’t told me be careful what you wish for today.

Oh, and for those that may say I may be topping from the bottom by asking for more anal play let me clear that up before hand.  In our chastity, somewhat FLR, lifestyle she encourages me to ask for things that I want.  She knows my likes, dislikes, and kinks but wants to keep an open line of communication.  I may ask for something but that does not mean I will get what I asked for…ultimately whatever happens is her decision.

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