Frustration at an all time high

I have written a couple of times how MrsL insisted on a fully enclosed chastity tube when we were looking at and considering custom devices.  Today has really reaffirmed her reasoning and thought process as I am really struggling today with wanting to touch, feel, stroke, and otherwise just have my penis in my hand.

I am sitting here on the couch and have been trying desparately to get some sensation while rubbing the solid stainless steel between my legs and it is maddening right now.  After a week of freedom, two orgasms, and being edged well beyond 70 times in the past 12 days my frustration level is at an all time high.  Aargh!!!

When MrsL informed me she wanted me to order the Steelheart she said: “I don’t want you to have any access to touch yourself and if you have a cage you will figure out how to get pleasure…and that is not going to happen”  Well she was right, AS USUAL, because if I had a cage style device on right now I would probably be in trouble later tonight.  I firmly believe that if the Steelwerxx Extreme devices that completely enclose everything weren’t so damn expensive I would have one of those on right now.

MrsL is getting ready for another sales show this weekend so not only am I frustrated becasue the Steelheart is doing its job effectively right now.  I am extra frustrated knowing that between now and Sunday evening she is going to be hyper focused on prepping for the event and then gone all day Thursday through Sunday.  SO FRUSTRATED.

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