Guess what…a great way to end a weekend

We have had quite the busy weekend not only in our “muggle” life but in our D/s chastity lifestyle.  MrsL has enjoyed several orgasms and I have stayed locked, teased, and denied all weekend.

It all started Friday evening while at dinner.  I couldn’t help letting my “traveler” take over as a family behind me was simply annoying as hell.  The pompous attitude they had with the server was appalling and I was ready to say something but MrsL stopped me dead in my tracks with a simple comment:

“You are more interested in the conversation behind you than with me”  which snapped me back to reality.  Later on that night, she reminded me of that little lapse when she said, “I was thinking about giving you an orgasm…but not tonight.”  We fell asleep with me curled up behind her frustrated but smiling….she is becoming a great KH.

Saturday morning, after giving her three great orgasms I asked her if I could be “free” for the long day ahead.  We went to our youngest son’s college football game…well we went to see the halftime show because he marches for the band which is one of the best in the nation.  It is a 3 hour drive, one way, and we drive up enjoy the game and then drive back so I knew it was going to be a long, long day of sitting.  When I asked, MrsL just looked at me and said, “NO.”  Even my protest about the potential of having to go through a metal detector at the gate didn’t phase her.  “I don’t remember there being metal detectors at the games last year so, NO!”  Of course, she was right!  There were no metal detectors of any type.  As we were walking to our seats she looked at me and grinned swatting me on the ass.  Earlier in the afternoon, as we were sitting at the Starbucks on campus while my son was warming up with the band, I told MrsL how comfortable I was wearing the Steelheart…telling her that most of the time I didn’t even know I was wearing it at all.  So, when I came back from the men’s room complaining about being uncomfortable and wanting to negotiate not wearing it to football games:

“I thought you told me earlier how comfortable it was and you didn’t know you were wearing it?”

“Yes, I did say that…it is just the hassle of going to the bathroom at a place like this.”

“What would I get out of letting you come to the games unlocked?”

Me….dead silence…then “anything you want, Princess”

“I will think about it.”

We did something we normally don’t do…we left after halftime. The first half took forever and with a 7 p.m. kickoff it was nearly 9 p.m. when we met our son behind the bleachers after their performance.  The school was planning a big fireworks show after the game and while we enjoy fireworks staying to see them would have made a long day longer.  MrsL and I knew if we stayed it would be midnight before we got on the road meaning not getting home to until 3 a.m. so we told him how proud he makes us and how much we love him and hit the road.  The drive home was, eventful, in a word.  I was having some stomach cramping walking to the car and MrsL asked me if I wanted “out” before we got in the car.  I said no….big mistake….!

About an hour in to the drive, I reached over and started stroking MrsL through her jeans.  She leaned back in the seat so I took that as an open invitation so I reached up and undone the button on her jeans.  She then slid her jeans and panties down herself, let the seat lay back flat, and put her feet up on the dash.  Okay, so it probably wasn’t safe driving through winding mountain interstate roads with one hand on the steering wheel and the other massaging and stroking MrsL’s clit and labia but it was energizing.  I can count on one hand, no pun intended, the number of times I have been able to bring her to an orgasm through manual stimluation…but I can add one more after the drive home.  After pulling her clothes back on, she set up, leaned over, and started to massage me through my jeans.  As she grabbed the zipper and started to pull down…she stopped halfway….

“Too bad you didn’t take me up on my offer to unlock.  There really is no need to unzip your pants right now…” She let her hand rest on the Steelheart and proceeded to tell me all the things we couldn’t do right now: let her cock out of my pants to stroke and suck on it  until I was ready to cum…then telling me to pull over at rest stop and letting me fuck her in the back seat of the car…then making me eat my cum out of her making sure she had at least one orgasm.  Holy Bad Decisions on my part…!  But the mind game wasn’t over.  I started sucking on her fingers and after a few minutes of this:

“You sure do enjoy sucking on my fingers and toes.”

“Uh, huh”  I grunted as I continued sucking on her thumb.

“I just wonder if you are thinking you are sucking on my cock when you are doing that?”

I glanced over at her, trying to keep my eyes on the road and not make eye contact, and smiled and increased the intensity of my oral work on her thumb.  After a few minutes, I stopped and simply said “yes…does that bother you?”

“Why would it bother mer if I asked the question?”

“I don’t know Princess.”

“If I ask you a question, I want and expect an honest answer.”

“Some guys are blessed to be able to suck themselves…just not me.”

“Well, we can work on your flexibility….”  I don’t know where to take that comment in my mind.  (NOTE: I will write a post on that later.  I will say this, I had some bi-sexual encounters in college before MrsL and I met.  They were confusing yet enjoyable at the same time.)

We got home and went straight to bed.  I was still horny and wired from driving so I started massaging her breasts and asking to be allowed to give her an orgasm…

“No, I just want you to hold and kiss me right now”  which led to some insanely hot kissing and petting by both of us.  My Steelheart was biting and effectively trapping my attempted erection mercilessly.  After several minutes of kissing and petting, MrsL whispered in my ear:

“Guess what, I get to have an orgasm tonight and you don’t.”

“Right now, I thought you….”

“I changed my mind…so get down there and get busy.”

After 4 orgasms, each stronger than the last, MrsL pulled me up on the bed, lay on my chest and fell asleep.  It was awesome.

Sunday morning we slept in…well we tried to sleep in.  I woke up around 8 (late for me) after 3 night time erections.  They are like clockwork….3, 5, and again at 6 so getting a couple of hours sleep from 6 am to 8 was nice.  As I always do each morning, I start running a finger up and down MrsL’s back letting my fingers linger on her curvy ass cheeks until she starts stirring.  As she rolls over, she will let me know by her actions what we are going to be doing.  Most mornings, she takes her orgasms like most of us take our morning coffee…hot and steamy…having more than one to get going.  Sunday morning was no different.  She needed 3 to get going and I was so happy and content to oblige her.  If there is such as thing as a “mental” orgasm for a man, I have those everytime I bring MrsL to an orgasm with my mouth and tongue.  Yes, my penis strains against the Steelheart and I ache to have an orgasm before and after pleasing her….but the joy I get from having her pulse in my mouth is truly hard to describe.

After the last orgasm, she set up on the side of the bed and pulled me up to stand in front of her.  She stroked and played with my nipples.  As she increased the pressure from a gently tweak to a full on clamp, and she has developed a vice like pinch, she looked me in the eye:

“Guess what, you don’t get an orgasm today either” then got up and walked to the bathroom leaving me to stand there, precum oozing from the Steelheart.  The rest of the day, we lounged around the house and MrsL teased me several times.  After dropping my son off at work, I came home and started dinner which required me using the grill.   After dinner, I was in the mood for ice cream so we drove up to an ice cream store and came back home.  As I sat down, I realized we were at home by ourselves and I still had clothes on but decided not to acknowledge that fact.  Trust me, it did not go unnoticed.  MrsL was putting her thoughts in our private journal and when she handed it to me the first thing she placed in her entry for the week:  “I see you left your clothes on.  Put that on the discipline list for the week”.  I tried to make light of it and explain it away that I was using the grill outside, we had gone for ice cream…etc.  She was having none of it.  Very curtly she pointed out I asked for that rule to be implemented and it would be enforced.

We both fell asleep rather quickly when we went to bed.

This morning, after making it through the night without having to get up due to nigt time erections, we played in bed until 10:00 with MrsL getting 2 orgasms.  We went for a walk, had breakfast, and then decided what we wanted to do for dinner. Okay, I know this seems mundane but just wait….it gets better…!  I asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me to get the things we needed for dinner:

“No, I am not dressed to go to the store…but I want you to go locked and PLUGGED. Go upstairs and get ready.”

She came upstairs a few minutes later and worked the butt plug in to place then slapped my bare ass and informed me the shopping list was on the counter with my keys.  As she was walking to the bathroom, I got dressed and headed to the store.  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!  It was exhilarating and a bit humbling leaving the houes wearing a butt plug.  I have hinted to MrsL that there are belts and other “locking style” plugs that can be added to her toy chest.  She told me to pull them up and show them to her.  Fun times ahead!!

A great weekend is coming to an end. I have a wonderful Wife who is quickly developing in to quite an awesome Key Holder.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman!!!

2 thoughts on “Guess what…a great way to end a weekend

  1. Sounds like a very, very nice weekend. Congrats to both of you.

    Oh, and the plugged thing, look into the World’s Most Comfortable Range from Mr. S. Leather – they are amazing and, while you may not, MrsL might thank me one day for that suggestion (plus they look great with a Steelheart).


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