A Steelheart review

Yesterday was quite and uneventful with the minor exception of catching up on discipline from last week.  I was to receive 16 swats from MrsL for several infractions, chief among them interrupting her several times.  It is amazing when I stop and think about just how much I have become accustomed to simply cutting her off mid sentence either to finish her thought or take the conversation in a completely different direction.  Up until I requested she add it to her list of infractions she never really noticed.  Now, she is quick to recognize it and simply stops talking and gives me that look.  Let’s just say the spanking was memorable.  I am still sitting gingerly today.

But I digress.  This post is my take on my Steelheart and how MrsL and I really love the craftsmanship of the product and how my body reacts.  I would be remiss in pointing out that there are numerous commentaries on the web concerning Steelworxx and their products.  When we were considering a custom steel device, I read as much as I could on the Jailbird, the Contender, and the Steelheart.  It was Thumper’s review of the Steelheart “short” that finally made the decision easy for MrsL.  She doesn’t like the look of the “cage” style devices primarily because I would still have access to touching my penis.  She very clearly told me that any device we use has to completely enclose my penis.

After several days of measurements and discussion the order was made.  The original order:

  • the Steelheart Short tube with a 38mm inside diameter
  • Comfort Ring
  • 42mm Anatomical Base Ring
  • PA Fixing Loop

I have written previsouly about the initial issues we had with the 42mm base ring.  It was simply way too tight.  When I reached out to Dietmar with my concerns and wanting to increase the length of the pins that insert into the base ring, to increase the gap, he said he could make a 44mm ring.  Choosing not to tinker with the gap, I went with the 44mm ring and ordered a 45mm ring for an additional option.  I also had him enlarge the hole at the end of the tube.  I have to say, Dietmar went out of his way with excellent customer service by turning around my order in the same week he received it….you see he was heading out on holiday for 3 weeks when it arrived and I asked him if he would try to complete it before he went on holiday. Not only did he make changes requested and create a 44mm ring he expedited the return shipping.  Steelworxx is a great company and does customer service right!

The fit and function are now perfect…well almost perfect.  The 44mm anatomical base ring gives just the right amount of room.  It allows for my ball sac to expand when warm and doens’t get too tight when my body decides it wants the balls close to the body.

The tube is the perfect length and diamter. As I read through all of the “how to measure” pages on the web they all had one thing in common:  the penis should be in contact with the tube/cage pretty much all of the time and the short 38mm tube is exactly what we needed, almost.  I probably should have went with the next increment inside diameter to make room for the PA Fixing Loop.  After the initial lock up once it was returned from Germany, I developed a nasty little abrasion on my urethra from where the PA fixing loop kept the ring pushed in to the soft meaty urethral tube.  It took a couple of days to heal and like the stubborn idiot I am, I tried the loop again with a smaller PA ring.  Guess what, the same thing started to happen but this time I knew what it was and took it out immediately.  So, as I said, the tube is now perfect.  From the tip to the base ring there is no part of penis that is not touching the steel.  The enlarged hole allows for the PA piercing to barely protrude making peeing easier and a bit more sanitary.  The exquisitely beautiful result of me attempting to get an erection is that it basically is trapped behind the device inside my body.  MrsL has discovered this “entrapment” and uses it to tease and edge me with great effect.  Having one’s cock stroked during a normal cage free erection is awesome; however, having one’s cock stroked as it is trapped inside the body is both maddening and enjoyable (in a pure masochistic sort of way)!

Hygeine is not an issue.  I have adopted a twice a day cleaning regimen that ensures everything is clean and odor free.  A morning shower with a throrough soapy cleaning and an evening flush out with warm water do the trick.  I use Swab-Its while in the shower each morning to get inside the tube.  You can find them on Amazon.  A quick flush with the shower head and everything is clean as a whistle.  The evening flush out happens just before bed.  I use a “condiment” style bottle that the tip fits inside the pee hole nicely to blast warm water in to the tube.  This works effectively.

So, after years of playing with cheap knock offs (our original tube was horrible), 3 or 4 CBxxxx devices, and a Bon4 having a custom fit steel chastity device is great.  MrsL is happy.  I am happy.  Our marriage and relationship have never been better.

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