Lunch time was play time

There are several definite advantages to being a telecommuter with my company. When I am not traveling, and these past couple of weeks is the lull before the storm, I get to work from home and my boss very rarely bothers me.  I do my case work, dial in for conference calls as needed, and generally have a very relaxed day.  Last night, MrsL asked me what my calendar was like for today and I told her I only had one conference call from 9:30 to 10:30.  She just laughed and said okay because I might have a surprise for you, if you are lucky.  She proceeded to play with her locked up cock and balls for a few minutes and rolled over in an attempt to go to sleep.  I tested the waters by snuggling in behind her and gently caressing her breast. She rolled back over pulling me on top of her the pushing me down between her legs.  45 minutes, a couple of position changes, and 5 orgasms later she pulled me back up from my knees on to the bed and we both fell fast asleep.

This morning, she had to take my son to campus and on her way out the door instructed me to make sure everything was “clean” today.  Clean, for us, is an enema for me in preparation for ass play.  I dutifully followed her orders prior to jumping on my one and only call.  When I heard her come in I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I got this text at 10:40 “If you can, clear your calendar for the next 2-3 hours.. :-)”  So I did just that.  Around 11:30, I got a text telling me to get the toybox out and prepare the bed for playtime…that was easy.  Then at 12:40 p.m., I got this:  “GET IN THE CLOSET, NOW!” which means I go to modified time out.  I guess I was there about 20 minutes and by the time MrsL came in to get me my calves were screaming and my nipples…well…let’s just say they were sore!

After laying me across the edge of the bed, MrsL got her ridng crop and informed me I was getting my birthday spanking before we did anything else.  I thought it would be playful and it started out that way but when she got to 25 she found a “firm hand” and gave me the last 24 with enough sting to raise welts.  Oh, and she did include the traditional “one to grow on” for good measure.  She then ordered me to lay face down spread eagle on the bed.  I was cinched in place and blindfolded.  When MrsL came up, I heard ice rattling in a cup so I sort of knew what was coming first….ice in the ass!  If you have never had it done to you, I highly recommend it….NOT!   She melted 4 ice cubes before taking one and forcing it inside the tube of the Steelheart.

She got up and milled around and I heard her pull gloves out of the box of latex gloves we keep in the toybox and the next thing I felt was lubricant being poured down my backside.  MrsL settled in between my spread legs and inserted a finger.  Believe it or not, she has never truly found my prostrate so today she asked me how she was doing.  My only question to her was which was was your palm facing, the roof or the bed.  She said the roof and I told her to turn her hand over and BAM she found it.  The feeling of cum being forced into and through my cock was nearly overwhelming.  It was made even more intense because of the edgings I have endured the past week.  She giggle her cute little evil laugh and said: “Oh, there it is!”  She massaged and played with my prostrate for several minutes and the got up off the bed.  I sensed the anal play was about to begin in earnest.

More lubricant and a couple of easy exploratory thurst were followed by one long steady drive of the dildo.  She made a quick strokes then told me to hold my breath and drove in to me until the balls on her dildo slammed into my ass.  She has pegged me several times but has never been quite so aggressive.  She then began fucking me with abandon at one point pulling all the way then diving all the way to the hilt again.  She went at it for what seemed like forever…I ultimately had to call “yellow” because I was starting to get sore.  At that point she stopped what she was doing, got up off of the bed, and came back and very gently popped the butt plug in me.

“I am going to let you loose just so you can turnover, don’t let my plug come out.”

As I rolled over she reattached me to the bed.  She walked over to the corner of the room where she keeps her key to the Steelheart in a special jewelry box her grandmother gave her and I hear the lid come off so I know she was getting her key. She came over and unlocked me asking if I could get a full erection with the base ring still on.  Again, we have never played around with cock rings so she didn’t know.  I told her yes and it would probably help me stay hard longer for her.  She removed the tube and took a wash cloth and cleaned her toy.  After having been milked not 45-60 minutes earlier I was not responding.  This is where she did something I never would have expected.  She lay beside me on the bed:

“Are you comfortable?”

“Yes, Princess”

“Anything too tight?”

“No, Princess.”

“Okay, I am going to let you lay here and relax for a few minutes…then I will be back up.”  She got up and walked out of the room.  She has never left me tied up becasue she is too afraid something will happen.  I love the trust we are building because I didn’t feel the least bit worried.

I had left the t.v. on in my office right outside my room and could hear a new show starting as she walked out.  I lay there trying hard not to get hard with the thoughts running through my head so I listened to the grilling competition on the television. About half way through the show, I heard her coming back upstairs.

“Are you relaxed?”

“Yes, Princess” I replied as I felt a stirring in my loins.

“You still don’t have permission to cum but how do you think it is going to feel with the plug inside you and you inside me?”  I nearly shot a load at the question.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am a bit of a pain slut and any tweaking, pinching, or clamping on my nipples almost always results in an instant erection.  MrsL must have felt like I needed some help because she walked in the closet and the next thing I felt was the clamps of the time out clothes hanger being clamped on me.  I could hear the smile in her voice when she said:  “there it is…” as she stroked my hard cock.

She climbed up on the bed and buried her warm wet pussy on my cock.  “I think I like the integrated lock receiver being where it is right now…” as she started grinding on me.  The feeling of her squeezing my cock as she slid up and down coupled with the butt plug massaging my prostrate was mind blowing.   And, to my surprise I didn’t blow up immediately.  MrsL was able to grind and thrust for nearly 10 minutes and for the first time in forever had an orgasm through PIV sex.  As her body was still pulsing and squeezing my manhood all she said was “GO” and started riding me again.  Within seconds, I had an orgasm that can only be described by one word…well two….FUCKING AWESOME?  The euphoria was almost as grand as it had been that very first time I jacked off to completion as a boy of 12.

MrsL wasn’t done.  She kept riding my now super sensitive penis.  I was bucking and thrashing about so bad begging for mercy that I nearly threw her off the bed and aggravated the torn labrum in my right shoulder…but it is fine now…after a little ice.  When she finally stopped torturing me, we both lay there laughing like little kids.  She told me she had to pee so bad that she was afraid to have me clean up my cum, and there was a lot, so I have still not had the pleasure of cleaning her up.  She did make it a point to say from now on anything that comes out of her toy will be consumed by me.

So, I would say that I am one lucky and loved chaste cyclist.  My wonderful Wife/KH is in control of me sexually and I could not be more happy!!

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