Most of Monday was, in a word, uneventful for MrsL and I.  We both had work related things that kept us busy and our oldest son was up doing homework all day.  It wasn’t until MrsL came to bed that things got a little hot.

I don’t remember exactly when she came to bed because I didn’t wake up.  I rolled over around 1 a.m. and was pleasantly surprised that she was already in bed.  I snuggled up beside her and started running a finger up and down her back and started grinding against her as well.  She rolled over and said

“You looked so peaceful and didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Princess, you can wake me up anytime….”

She pulled me in for a long kiss and reached down to start gently stroking my stiff cock.

“Are you going to workout in the morning?” she asked.

“I don’t know, why?”

“Well, in a few minutes your birthday week will be over and you will be locked back in my Steelheart.”

“But, I haven’t received my birthday spanking…?”

“Shhhh, I can give you a birthday spanking with or without my Steelheart on my toy” as she took her hand from my erection and placed a finger over my lips.”

“But right now, I have to finish my birthday present to you…so lay back, enjoy, but don’t you dare cum…”

As I have mentioned, I lost count after 10 or 11 and MrsL reminded me every day that she was keeping up with the totals:  “after all it is my birthday present to you so I have to keep up…”

MrsL started with long, slow, feather light strokes barely touching me.  She has never touched me like that and it was magical.  This method of stroking me seemed to make the building orgasm take forever; blissfully forever, but forever. When I finally started moaning and writhing in the bed she switched to a firm grip and gave me two or three hard strokes as I was starting to thrust in to her hand…..then she let go!  I could feel a potential orgasm and had to concentrate and clamp down hard resulting in a dribble of cum out of the tip.

“I told you, DO NOT CUM.”

“I didn’t Princess….”

After swirling her fingers in the precum that had oozed out and sticking her fingers in my mouth she went at me again with yet another new technique.

She placed her fingertips around the crown only and simply started massaging the head…much like tickling but more intense.  She continued this head tickling until I was again thrashing in the bed trying to increase her touch..every time I would thrust she simply opened her hand so all I was doing was pounding the head in to the palm of her hand…

“I told you to relax…” again scooping up the precum and placing her dripping fingers in my mouth.

I lay there and she used started tickling the head until I was ready to explode…of course she stopped.

“The next one will be #49…are you ready?”

“Uh huh” was all I could muster.

“Just remember, you can not have an orgasm, understand?”

“Uh huh…”

She grabbed me at the base nearly pushing her hand through me which felt awesome.  She had discovered this little trick one night last week.  All she did was squeeze, bring her hand up barely enough to break contact with my balls, then slammed her hand back down into me….it was maddening and pleasurable at the same time. It only took 4 or 5 stokes like this before I was begging to have an orgasm.  “Please let me cum, Princess….please…”

She let go of my twitching cock and giggled and it pulsed and jumped.  “I love watching you dance…hehehe!”

“I knowI I said I would tie you down and put the Steelheart back on you myself but you and I both know: I am not done right now and I don’t want to hurt you.  You will put it on in the morning and wake me up to lock you back in…understand?”

“Yes, Princess.”

She then kissed all the way down my chest and just the head in her mouth placing her lips around the crown.  She used her tongue and a gentle sucking motion that had me bucking in a matter of seconds.


She wasted no time in taking me balls deep in her mouth…actually having to stop for a second to regain her composure…and swirled her tongue back and forth on the shaft.  Again, it only took a matter of seconds before I was thrashing around again. She let me “pop” out of mouth and gleefully declared “51″.

Before I could even catch my breath she grabbed my cock and told me I had until she counted to 10 to try and cum…and started counting.  As I started thrusting in to her hand she loosened her grip so there was barely any touch…making it impossible to really feel anything.  In my mind, I tried to coax the feeling of being buried deep inside her wonderful pussy to help….”2, 3, 4″  but nothing was working.  I bucked on the bed wildly, even causing the head board to bang in to the wall but nothing was working…”5, 6, 7, 8  you only have a couple of more seconds…..”9…….a long long pause……10… or should I say 52″  Wow!

She let me pulse a few seconds then scooped up the puddle of precum from my stomach, “open up” and tipped her hand toward my mouth letting the juices drop into my mouth before making me lick her palm clean.

“Sorry, my Love…looks like it will be awhile.  I Love you.  Sweet Dreams.”  She rolled over and was asleep in no time.  No amount of rubbing her nipples or fingering her clit helped. Yes, she moaned and ground in to me a bit but she went to sleep.  Me, not so much.  I lay there thinking about just how wonderful the past week had been and enjoying the last night of freedom.

No, I did not touch my still throbbing penis but oh how I wanted to do just that.  This morning, I got up a few minutes before MrsL, showered, shaved, and put on the Steelheart placing the lock in the cylinder but not turning it to the locked position.  I went out and gently woke her.

“Did I undertand you last night, Princess?”  Her hand went to my groin and felt steel.

“Yes you did…I am glad you listened…”

“Thank you for a fantastic birthday week, Princess.”

“You’re welcome….only 51 weeks to go until your next birthday….”  as she said that she turned the key in the cylinder locking me back in, removed the key, and got up and went to the bathroom….leaving me standing there my mind racing!

As I was making the bed she stuck her head out of the bathroom:

“Of course, my birthday is in a couple of weeks and I might want a full birthday week….” With that, she closed the door.

I am now happily locked again.   Even though I am sitting here naked, except for MrsL’s Steelheart, on the  first of 4 conference calls today I don’t feel naked anymore.

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