Watching a Loved One Struggle

Not everything in our life is about chastity and orgasm control.

I have mentioned numerous times that MrsL and I have two wonderful sons both in their 20’s.  Our oldest son is a gifted athlete and has an uncanny brilliance when it comes to math and sciene.  Our youngest son loves music, reading, and video games.  Both of them have their own unique personalities and we could not be more proud of both of them.

Unfortunately, though, addiction is a curse that runs deep on both sides of our family and the past 4 to 5 years we have had to watch our oldest son struggle with this horrible disease.  Even though MrsL and I have long since realized he has to want to shed this addiction it does not make it easy to endure.

Over the course of the 5 years, he has gone from pot to alcohol to cocaine and ultimately pills and heroin.  The serious stuff started innocently enough with a prescription to oxycotin after having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled at one time during his winter break his freshman year in college.  That prescription led to what is now an ongoing battle that he will probably struggle with the rest of his life.

He is at home now after one full in house rehab stint and numerous attempts at out patient rehab.  The past year has been very promising, even after his second DUI resulting in a 4 year revocation of his license, with finding a substance abuse counselor that can see right through his charm and keeps him somewhat honest with himself.  That is why he is at home and we are relunctant chauffers but if that is what it takes that is what a parent does.  Yes, there have been relapses and there probably always will be but there is always hope.

He appears to have found a young lady who seems to be willing to look past his past, if that makes sense, and that is giving him a bit more self confidence.  After several horrible relationships we hope this one will be good for him.  He went back to school this fall to finish his degree and is developing quite nicely as a high school and D3 college baseball umpire.

Every day life is a struggle.  Addiction can strike anyone at anytime.  Watching your bright, brilliant, and full of life son hurt and struggle is something that I never expected but makes us all stronger.  Take care of your loved ones…you never know what they might be dealing with.

2 thoughts on “Watching a Loved One Struggle

  1. Addiction can absolutely tear people and relationships and families apart. It says a lot about you and your family that you’ve held together and are close and so supportive of your son. But it sounds like he’s on the right track! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

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