One incredible week

MrsL still has not locked me back in her Steelheart.  I am starting to feel a bit naked without it and even though I want to go put it on myself and surprise her when I go help her pack up all of her stuff from the sales show, I am not going to do that.  Me being locked or unlocked, having an orgasm of any type, or being teased and denied at her whim are all HER decision and I have come to fully accept that and enjoy life.

Last night, after reading through my journal entry for the week she reached over and gave me a little pat on the leg and smiled.  When we are all sitting down in the family room she and I resort to teenage behavior…we text each other…and I saw her pick up her phone.  Moments later I got a text with the following message:  “Tomorrow night is discipline night…it looks like my arm is going to be sore!” with several smiley faces.  She has put me in charge of chronicling the rules infractions in the journal and as of this post they total 16 swats.  I am getting hard just writing this but know after the second or third swat tonight I will not be excited in the least.

She sent me upstairs to take a shower and shave with another little text”  “all good things must come to an end…” and I just knew I was going to be locked up.  However, when she finally came up to bed she very quickly let me know she had other plans.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me in and kissed me agressively…tickling the back of my throat with her tongue.  As she was kissing me, my penis sprang to life rapidly and was resting on her thigh.  I “innocently” and without thinking started grinding on her leg..

“I didn’t say you could grind on me…STOP IT RIGHT NOW!”

“Sorry, Princess.”

“Get on all fours on top of me” she said as I put my knees between her legs and started to lean over.

“I didn’t say you could be there…put your legs outside of mine…good…now come closer.”

She had my balls wrapped in her hand and she was pulling them closer to her breast finally stopping with them resting under her chin and the head of my cock on her lips.  She opened her mouth ever so slightly and let her tongue flick the piercing back and forth several times before putting me in her mouth. She edged me the first time with just the tip of my penis in her mouth.

“Lay down on your back.”

As I lay down she rolled over and started biting on the right nipple then crawled over me and bit the left nipple.  “Just a reminder, you do not have permission to cum.”

Over the next half hour or so she took me to the edge 9 or 10 times.  At one point after letting go of my twitching manhood she started letting her fingers glide up and down my stomach.

“Did you just cum” she demanded as she ran her fingers near my belly button.  “If you had an orgasm, you will lick it all out of my hand.”

“No, Princess….that is precum from all of the wonderful edging you are giving me tonight.”  She took great care to ensure she got all of it off my stomach and then brought it to my mouth.  Even though it was only precum it felt like I did indeed have an orgasm.  “Lick it off…”

As I was licking, she took her free hand and continued stroking my cock.  Once her hand was clean she leaned down and swallowed me balls deep down her throat and let her tongue swirl back and forth all the way back up…sucking voraciously until the head popped out of her mouth.  She came up and gave me a short kiss:

“Time to go to sleep.  Goodnight, my love.”

As I said…her decisions…!

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