Edging for my birthday…continued…

MrsL is continuing to tease and edge me daily which is wonderful.  Even after two full orgasms buried deep inside her this week the edging is relentless.

I have long since lost count of where we are on the continuum to 49 and each time she takes me to the brink all she says is:  “that is one more…” with her cute little giggle.  Needless to say, I am constanly dripping precum.

As she left this morning to her weekend sales show, I gave her a kiss and told her she had a couple of surprises in her lunch.  I bought some of her favorite chocolate snack bars and placed a couple in her lunch.  I can’t wait to hear how she likes them.

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying being unlocked I wanted to make sure we were on the same page.  As I opened her car door and let her sit down, I asked:

“I just want to make sure I am on the same page with you, Princess.  You will tell me when you want me locked up again, right?”

“No, I am not going to tell you….I am going to tie you to the bed and finish off your birthday present when I am approaching 49.  Once I have you at 49 or more…I am going to lock you up myself!”  With that, she grinned and backed out of the garage leaving me standing there with an erection popping up in my shorts.  Good thing the neighbors weren’t outside!

Happily frustrated and unlocked….for now!

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