If you can….

MrsL was exhausted last night after having to get everything set up for the opening of the big sales show she is at this weekend.  She took a little nap when she got home as I finished my work and then we went shopping.  We discussed how long it was going to take us and she decided it was too long to have me plugged….sigh…but it is all good.  We both would rather try going out in public with a butt plug firmly inserted here closer to home the first time and she hinted that would be happening real soon.

After trying to find some new dress shirts for work without much success, we called it a night and went to dinner.  After ordering, I flicked off my flip flops and put my foot up on the booth beside her. She took full advantage and started gently tickling the foot closest to her making me squirm.  Having to set there and not burts out laughing and keep the squirming to a minimum was truly a task; especially, since right across the half wall separating our booths was a booth with 6 local police officers…all wearing body cameras…!  What kind of story would that have made on the evening news?

During dinner, I told her how wonderful she was for letting me stay unlocked all this time.  She just grinned and said:  “all good things must come to an end” (insert pregnant pause) “sometime soon but not tonight.” That is when the first “if you can…” challenge was issued.

“If you can sit here without squirming while I tickle your feet some more, you may get to have an orgasm again tonight.”

“I will do my best, Princess” was all I could manage quietly steeling myself for the glorious tickling that was about to begin. She tortured me with a beautifully seductive and evil smile on her face.  At one point, I think the young couple across the way could tell something was happening because my feet were out of view and I said something to MrsL.  She simply continued smiling and kept tickling until our food arrived.   We ate our meal, all the while chatting and enjoying each other’s company, then got up and headed home.

She and our son wanted to watch some of their recorded shows that I don’t particularly care for,  Gordon Ramsey’s Master Chef, so MrsL said I could escape upstairs to watch football.  As I was walking away,

“If you can stay awake until later…..” and just smiled.  I was left wondering what was to come (no pun intended) as I walked upstairs.  After watching about 90 minutes of UFC, I went back downstairs to say goodnight (remember I don’t stay up too late…ever).  I asked her what time she needed to get up in the morning, gave her a kiss, and as I did she whispered in my ear:

“If you can stand here and not move….I will increase the edging count…as long as he doesn’t spin around in the recliner” motioning to our son who was lost in the current show.

I stood there while she reached up and started stroking me through my lounge pants. I don’t know if it was the excitement of being “bad” right there in front of our son or the fact that I am still horny as hell but I got hard and was on the edge in no time.  She let go and blew me a kiss and said goodnight.

As I went to bed, I couldn’t help but think about just how far we have come in our relationship over the past 26 years and more recently the past 7 months. Her stroking me in the presence of anyone, let alone one of our boys, would have never happened in or before February and it is simply awesome.

Around 12:30, MrsL came up to bed.  She had a few things to finalize getting ready after I went to bed and it took her about two hours to get them done.  As she walked in, my eyes popped open and the tingling in my groin began.  I ran my hands up and down her stomach letting my fingers gently circle each nipple.  She moaned and melted in to the bed.  After several minutes of trailing my fingers from one nipple down to the crown of her pussy then up to the other nipple, she pulled me down for a warm long kiss.  She chewed on my upper lip and gently turned my head so she could whisper in my ear:

“If you can promise me right now you will clean up every drop of cum that leaves your body….you can make love to me right now and have my permission to cum now.”

“I promise, Princess.”  without pause.  My mind was a rush of “did she just say that” to “why are you not already moving to be inside her wonderfully warm and inviting pussy”.  I slithered on top of her as she opened her legs wide.  She was incredibly moist and I was able to slide inside her all the way.  Even though she can edge me and keep me hard for over an hour now with her hands and mouth, there is something about how she grabs my cock with her vaginal muscles that make it a struggle to last more than 5 minutes when I am allowed to be inside her.  Last night was no exception, sigh!

My body quivered from the tips of my toes to the ends of my hair as I erupted inside her again within 5 days.  Pulse after pulse surged out of my body. It didn’t take long before I came to my senses and realized that every contraction of my cock was deposting more cum for me to clean up. When I collapsed on her after the orgasm subsided she stroked my cheeks with both hands and said:

“Now, keep your promise my love.” She placed both hands on a shoulder and began pushing me down her body, not even allowing me to linger and kiss her on the way down.  When my head reached her waist she began turning in the bed so that I was kneeling at the side of the bed with her legs draped over the side of the mattress.  I was glad the room was dark so I didn’t have to see what I was doing.

I started at the hood covering her clit sliding my tongue between her engorged lips and flicking it ever so slightly.  The tang of salty sweetness was there.  I was a bit surprised it was there but let myself go and told myself that this is making my wonderful Wife/KH very happy.  I then let my tongue slide down the length of her pussy.  As she opened herself up to me, a flood of warm mixture of her juices and my cum flooded my mouth.  I took in as much as I could before swallowing.  The taste was nowhere near as horrible as I had imagined and sort of made me even more horny.  I lapped and eagerly swallowed every drop before refocusing on bringing her to two great orgasms.  After the second one, she patted the bed letting me know it was time to curl up beside her and go to sleep.  Sleep came fast for both of us.

This morning, as I was hitting snooze again for her, she reached down and started playing with her toys.

“If you can make it through two more snooze cycles without cumming on my hands I will let you stay unlocked another day…otherwise you are going back in your Steelheart.”

For 14 minutes, except the few seconds it took me to swat the alarm clock each, she stroked, licked, and sucked on my cock very intent on making me cum….but I didn’t.  When the alarm went off the second time MrsL slowly let go of my cock, one finger at a time.

“Well, I guess the Steelheart stays in the drawer for now…” She got up and headed for the shower.

I went downstairs and surprised her by making a cooler with drinks and a couple of sandwiches for her to take with her today.  When she came down ready to go she saw the cooler sitting out she smiled.

“You are just full of surprises this morning.  Thank you”  She gave me a kiss, grabbed her lunch, and took off for the day.

I am not sure how much longer she is going to let me stay unlocked…but I am enjoying it.   I LOVE MrsL!!!

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