Life gets in the way of life….

Sometimes, life gets in the way of life.  That seems to be the pattern around here for the past couple of days.  Everything can’t and won’t always be centered around chastity or being teased and denied and I am okay with that…not that I have any real say.  MrsL has struggled with feeling guilty for not finishing my birthday present on my birthday while getting prepared for the big sales show she attends every year.  I have told her numerous times that she should not feel guilty about that, or anything for that matter!  She seems to be gradually accepting the “no guilty feelings” aspect more and more with each passing week.

Thankfully, I can report that all is back on par after the communication issue the other night.

Speaking of the birthday present count,  it is sitting at 19.  She spent most of the day getting all her products and sales materials ready for this weekend.  It is usually a really good weekend for her and she is excited about getting her sales back on track.  So, being naked and unlocked when it is just the two of us at home gives her the opportunities she wants to make me squirm and she did that once yesterday with wonderful results.

I had to run to the eye doctor for a few minutes prior to lunch.  As I got home and walked in the pantry, she met me at the door to ensure I  was obeying the no clothes rule.  Once I was properly “un” dressed, she took my hands and put them on top of the door frame:  “don’t move them until I tell you to”  as she started tickling me.  Have I mentioned, I used to not be ticklish….well….if I know you are trying to tickle me I can focus and not let it bother me.  Well, since we started enforced chastity and orgasm denial again I can’t focus to not be ticklish.  Maybe it has something to do with all of the pent up sexual energy…who knows.

She took great pleasure in tickling me.  She ran her fingers down my arms, through my pits taking time to to let her fingers dance there, before running them down my ribs.  It was incredibly difficult to not let my hands come down from the door frame but I managed.  By the time she reached my ribs, the first time, she giggled:

“looks like this is making you excited…”

“yes, Princess it is…”

“too bad you can’t touch it….only I get to do that…”

After repeating the tickling path from wrist to ribs a third time she let her hands slide to the area just above my crotch.  Letting her nails dig in and drag back and forth across the bare skin was wonderfully energizing.  It took several hours before the scratch marks faded from that little bit of play.  After marking her territory, she took one hand and cupped my balls and started stroking me with the other.  Within minutes, I was nearing the edge.  Recognizing the increased twitching of her toy…she let go, stepped back and admired her work.  My cock jerked and twitched for what seemed like several minutes and instantly started oozing precum.

“Isn’t that great…you are already leaking for me…” she stepped back up and squeezed the shaft from back to tip catching all of the precum in her hand.  She offered her hand to my mouth and I gladly lapped up everything there as she started stroking me again.  She edged me like this a total of 5 times.  After I licked her hand clean the 5th time, she stepped back and slapped the head of my cock a few times and said: “that is enough for now… get back to work.”  She left the house a few minutes later to go down to the convention center to start the set up process for the weeken leaving me horny.  Even though she was not here, I was able to keep my hands north of my waist…a major feat in and of itself for me.

She called me as she was turning in to the neighborhood so I had time to get dressed before she and our son walked in…(he is without a license right now due to two DUI’s so we are his transpsortation again)

The rest of the day and evening were filled with a hasty dinner and return to her office to finish preparing.  Our son fell asleep almost immediately after getting home from campus (which is kind of a good thing as he in struggling with insomnia) so I was left to sit on the sofa and watch t.v.  I would walk in to MrsL’s office every so often and massage her neck and shoulders.  She would reach around behind her chair and paly with me then send me on my way with, “I have to get this done…”

I went to bed around 11 pm and she finally came up around 1.  I woke up and gently rubbed her back but I could tell she was exhausted and was quickly falling asleep.  I had an erection so I spooned up against her with my throbbing cock in the small of her back and started slowly grinding.  To my surprise, she arched back in to me and let out a small sigh which only encouraged me…just a bit.  Knowing I was not allowed to orgasm, I edged myself and rolled over and went to sleep.  I woke up two more times during the night and each time had an erection….must have been dreaming but can’t remember…and spooned against her and edged myself.  The last time, my erection must have started while I was resting between her butt cheeks because that is where I felt myself when I started grinding.  Three erections…three trips to the edge.  I really thought MrsL didn’t know or was okay with it all….not so much.

As I was caressing her wonderful breast this morning standing beside the bed, I was of course getting hard. MrsL reached down to find her hard toy laying on the bed:  “what has you all excited this morning?”

“I don’t know, Princess.”

“So, did you really pleasure yourself on my back last night?”  she said while letting her fingernails gently run up and down my shaft.

Gulp….”yes, Princess.  You seemed to enjoy it. Is that okay”

“How many times did that happen…I remember only once.”

“Three times, Princess.”

“Well, you might have enjoyed it last night but you will not enjoy it on discipline night. That is not allowed.”

As she got out of bed, she gave my cock three swift strokes which jolted by body to a near orgasm. She then pushed me away, to up, and started walking to the bathroom. She stopped at the door and looked over her shoulder:

“Oh by the way, those three times from last night don’t count toward the 49….”

I guess I will never learn…huh?

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