Edging for my birthday

This morning as I woke up MrsL with her normal back rub she turned over and pulled me in for a long passionate kiss…reaching down to grab my rapidly growing manhood.  She began slowly stroking and playing with the curved barbell in my PA.  She increased her pace until I was bucking and thrusting, rapidly approaching the edge of a glorious orgasm…..then she stopped.  My cock was dancing trying to finish but to no avail.

As my cock was still twitching, MrsL started nibbling on my chest and kissed my stomach all the way down to my groin and took me in her mouth to the balls then let her tongue flick back and forth up the entire length of the shaft stopping only to swirl her tongue around the head.  She dove back down on me again and repeated this wonderful oral pleasure until I was again trying thrusting wildly…then she stopped!

“Don’t you dare cum!’ was all she said as she gently traced a finger from the base of the cock up to the curved bar bell.

“Only 47 more times today” she said through an evil little laugh.  I felt my eyes nearly pop out of my head as I looked at her.

“What do you mean, Princess?”

“Your birthday present…I am going to edge you once for every year of your birthday…now stand up”.

I complied and stood up beside the bed as she aligned her mouth with my throbbing rod.  She started sucking on just the head while letting her tongue dart and flick the piercing.  After a few seconds of this, she took both hands and wrapped them around my now aching cock and started stroking in rhythm with her tongue playing with the PA jewelry.  My body began to tense up as I curled my toes into the carpet trying to focus…which ended with my left foot cramping up.  MrsL could sense I was approaching the cliff again and deftly popped the head out of her mouth and let go of my shaft.

“Only 46 more today” smiling as she got up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I am not sure how or when we will reach 49…but…I am along for the ride as it is her cock to play with as she wishes!!

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