Birthday happenings…a little early…part II

For the first time in 2 or 3 months, I did not wake up when MrsL came to bed late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  Later in the day I found out our son didn’t come in until around 3:30 and she had fallen asleep while waiting on him.  When I woke up, due to a frustratingly trapped erection, at 7:30 I decided to let her continue to sleep so I went downstairs and browed through all of the blogs I love to follow.

Around 10:00, I heard her walking around upstairs so I went up to our room just as she was crawling back in to bed.  We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before she asked me what was for breakfast and what time was the lake party we had been invited to attend.  We decided on french toast and I told her the party started at 1:00 pm.  I stripped the linens from our bed and headed down to start laundry and make breakfast.  By the time she came down, I had her Chai tea waiting on her which earned me a nice little kiss and barehanded swat….!  After breakfast, I sat and massaged her feet with some of the lotion she brought home from her mani/pedi as she continued watching Ghost Whisperer.  At about 12:45, she asked me what time the party started again and we both nearly flipped out becasue neither of us had showered.  So I scurried in to clean up the kitchen and she scampered off to hop in the shower.  For several reasons, we wound up not getting to the party until 2:30. Luckily it was still in full swing so we grabbed a plate a drink and joined in the fun.

On the way out the door, MrsL said “why don’t we do your birthday dinner tonight since it will be a crazy day on your birthday?”  so I agreed. The reason I wanted her to add “don’t interrupt her” to the discipline list is one day I focused on just how many times I would cut her off mid sentence or walk up when she was on the phone and just insert myself in to her conversation.  Up until now, I have been the one to point it out.  Again, this all changed today.  While at the party, she was talking to the host and without even thinking jumped right in to the conversation mid sentence.  The “look” she shot at me was incredibly powerful and I immediately apologized and stood there.  Needless to say, I have already added that to the list of infractions for next Saturday night.

While we were at the party, I had an ongoing text conversation with our oldest son about dinner plans and ultimately picked him up around 4:45 pm.  We went to a great little foodie dive and ate way too much fried comfort food coupled with a huge serving of their fantastic banana pudding for my “birtday cake”.  My son had a date with some girls he and his buddy met the night before so I dropped him off at his buddy’s workplace on the way home.   That is when the fun started.

Once we got home, I grabbed our linens out of the dryer and headed upstairs.

“When you come back down, all I want to see on you is your Steelheart….but bring down some clothes to throw on in case someone stops by”.

Now, we have talked about how much I love being naked around the house.  I have always hinted that I wished she would subscribe to her being the only one wearing clothes in the house.  I now have my wish….TO AN EXTENT.  When I got back downstairs, she informed me:

“If we are the only two here, I expect you to be naked except for my Steelheart.  You will keep clothes handy  for when needed.  Are we clear?”

“Yes, Princess.”  I said as I  sat down beside her.

She turned on NetFlix and loaded her Ghost Whisperer and placed her feet in my lap.  Immediately she started toying with the Steelheart and balls.  At some point, I had leaned over and started rubbing her pussy through her pajamas.

“Wow, Princess…you are incredibly wet right now…what is going on in that sexy mind of yours?”

“That is my little secret….but I think you will enjoy it….I know I am going to!”

Wow…my head exploded and I nearly had a caged orgasm right on her toes at that point.  She pulled me over in to a kneeling position in front of her and simply said, “I want an orgasm, now”.

I gently pulled off her pj’s and steaming wet undies and lapped up her wonderful juices starting at her rosebud up to her clit.  She moaned and squirmed in the recliner.  I lapped, licked, sucked, and nuzzled her sex for quite some time before she pushed me away and stood up.  She told me to pick up her pj’s and my clothes then grabbed the Steelheart and led me upstairs.  Once there, she raised her arms and allowed me to remove her pj top and bra and laid down on the bed pulling me straight down to her wonderful pussy.  I continued licking, sucking, and massaging her until she had the most long lasting, powerful orgasm she has ever experienced.  How do I know this, you ask?  MrsL has never “squirted” until then.  With the first major contraction of her clit a massive jolt of her sexy intoxicating juices came surging from her body.  I initially wasn’t sure what was happening but quickly let go of her pulsing clit and moved to a full mouth to vagina kiss…lapping up every last drop of her cum.

I crawled up on the bed and laid down beside her and told her she had just had a full on physical orgasm.

“I like that…I need more of those” she said before rolling on top of me.

“My body is giving me those little warning signs that I may be about to start.  I would so hate to get to your birthday and have you have to wait on Mother Nature….so I may let you out tonight.”  I lay there for a second trying to make sure I heard her correctly.

“What are you waiting on….go get my key.”  At this point I was running around like an excited 6 year old on Christmas morning.  By the time I got the Steelheart off and worked the base ring off (FIRST MISTAKE) I was already losing my erection.  Now, in the past I have had trouble performing and after MrsL kept me on edge with an erection for an hour the night before I was letting the pressure of that performance play in my head (SECOND MISTAKE).  After a few minutes, MrsL suggested letting her suck me to an erection and I gleefully rolled over.  She began nibbling and sucking as I tensed my body.

“RELAX” she said but the more I tried to relax the more frustrated I became.  Finally, we both started laughing as she climbed back up on the bed.

“I guess I overheated the engine a bit….” I said with a little laugh.

“A little…that’s okay…it is early.  Let’s go back downstairs…we have all night…and more”

As we were headed back downstairs, MrsL in her pj’s and me wearing nothing, I again asked her what had her so charged up and wet….

“I told you it is a secret and you are going to have to wait on it…don’t ask again!”

We sat on the couch until around 11:00 with her teasing me with her feet again.  I even got an erection and she edged me with her feet before sending me off to bed….horny and frustrated but with a smile.

Unlike Satudary night, I did wake up when she came in the room.  She laid down beside me and initially wasn’t in the mood so I rolled back over and tried NOT TO LET my hands go anywhere near my raging erction.  After my son finally went in to his room and his lights were out, MrsL got up and closed our door.  I rolled over just in time to see her stripping out of her pajamas.  She laid down and simply asked, “are you ready now…?”

She opened her legs and let me drive my stiff rod deep inside her still wet glorious pussy.  As I was trying to establish a steady rythm so I didn’t cum too quickly she let her hands slide up both sides of my ribs sending a jolt through my body.  She then latched on to each nipple and began squeezing.  I must have lasted all of about 3 minutes…and even though I knew I was allowed an orgasm….I still asked just before I got to the point of no return.  I then heard the most wonderfully sexy word ever come out of her mouth….”YES”.

As the pent up hormones from the last 41 days continued to build I felt my entire body begin to tense.  The orgasm I had started from my toes, up through the sinews of my legs, exploding out of the head of my cock buried inside MrsL’s pussy.  My body shook as pulse after pulse of cum shot out of my cock.  I was lost in my own feelings for a few seconds before hearing MrsL tell me that I didn’t have to clean up my cum out of her tonight.

“You might get another orgasm in the next day or so…but it will be on my toes and YOU WILL eat every last drop of the next one.  You can stay unlocked until I tell you otherwise.”

I stumbled in to the bathroom and grabbed one of the soft hand towels she likes and went back out to clean up the cum.  She called in to me to bring a second towel “you to sleep on tonight” as there was quite a pool of cum already on the linens.  I cleaned up as much as I could.  Shen then rolled over to my side of the bed and tossed my pillow to her side of the bed.  I wiped up as much of the puddle as possible and put the towel over it and tried to curl up behind her.  Her body was like a furnace.  I guess it was one of those miserable hot flashes women have during menopause…I am not sure…but I couldn’t lay beside her.  I kissed her goodnight and rolled over a happy and content chaste cyclist.

Wow, what a weekend and it still isn’t my birthday!!

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