Birthday happenings…a little early…part I

It has been an incredibly awesome weekend.  MrsL has been full of surprises and based on last night is going to continue to bring the surprises for the next few days.

A little history.  MrsL was brought up in a very strict Catholic household.  She didn’t go to private Catholic school once her family moved to the South but the archaic teachings about sex and sexuality stuck with her most of her life. For example, MrsL still to this day refuses to masturbate because she was told as a child for years in “religious education” that is was sinful!  Me, on the other hand, was brought up in a Church of Christ household.  My parents weren’t very strict about it but insisted that I went every time they went.  I have enjoyed masturbation and all things sexual since I was 12 or 13.  I discovered Hustler Forums magazine in college and a story about a man being seduced, tied up, and abused by Dominant woman set me on my path to where I am today.  I began exploring at that time and quickly realized I was and am a full on masochist!  I have a deep need to be tied up and my body used for pleasure.  I introduced this aspect in our relationship early by having her pinch my nipples or use her leg to apply pressure to my cock and balls when we started dating in college.  After we were married and I was an officer in the US Army, I had to always be “in charge” and even though we played rough sometimes but it was never enough.  Finally about 15 years back, I slowly started talking about more agressive play, bought some non threatening equipment, and would “top from the bottom” most of the time we played.  MrsL took to it slowly and would tell me she still would feel guilty about hurting me, teasing me, disciplining me, and keeping me locked in chastity and denying me orgasms….until this weekend!  

We started a private journal last week to talk about subjects related to our new lifestyle.  I mentioned how much I loved where we were but still needed more in the discipline, teasing, and all things S&M.  Specifically, I told her she needed to make the corporal punishment more meaningful.  So, that is where the weekend’s happenings began!!

As I was watching the Bristol night race, MrsL was reading and responding to my initial journal post.  After the race, she asked me if I wanted to read it and discuss things and of course I said yes.  My eyes went immediately to the section on discipline where she finally formalized an initial list of 10 rules and the resulting discipline for breaking each rule.  We had already agreed to moving to discipline on Saturday nights so after reading and discussing the journal she looked at me and ordered me to the garage.  I pulled down the leather strapped crop from its storage location and placed in beside me on the hood of her car.  She left me there naked and exposed for a few minutes then walked out and without saying a word proceeded to not hold back.  I was due 6 licks with the crop and when I heard it whistling through the air I knew I was in store for a proper spanking.  No pictures to show this time but suffice it to say she left welts (which is what I put in the journal about being meaningful especially if the spanking included interrupting her).  After the last swat, she laid the crop beside me and walked back in without saying a word.  When I walked back in, kneeling in front of her and laying my head in her lap, she asked me “is that meaningful enough?”  All I had to do was let her see her wonderful handiwork.  The welts were still there, not as pronouned, Sunday for most of the morning.

As I was laying there, she was playing with my hair then grabbed a handful pulling me eye to eye with her.

“Go upstairs and get out my toybox, strip, and lay down on the bed.”  The Steelheart had already started biting before and after the spanking and it quickly started biting in to me again.  I went upstairs got things ready for her.  She came up as I was laying on the bed and promptly strapped me down spreadeagled on the bed and blindfolded me.  Normally, she leaves the straps a little lose so I can move my arms and legs.  Not this night!  After she pulled them tight she said “tell me now if they are too tight…otherwise, don’t say another word…other than yellow or red the rest of the night or you will be gagged!”  I could not move my arms or legs!  She walked over and blindfolded me and reminded me that gag was within arms reach if I said anything.  I felt something tickling my foot then I figured out what it was when she slapped the bottom of my foot…it was the other traditional riding crop we bought at Adam & Eve last week.  She used it on both feet…alternating tickling then hitting the bottom of my feet.  Now, I have never had my feet hit like that…boy can it get intense pretty quick.  My cock was straining inside its steel cage which didn’t escape notice.  She took the crop and started gently tapping my exposed swollen balls…finishing with two hard slaps that caused me arch and yelp.  She just giggled.  She continued exploring with her new crop using it on my stomach and nipples again finishing each nipple off with a hard swat.

As I lay there, I heard MrsL walk toward the antique make up table in our room.  MrsL doesn’t wear the key…she keeps it in a special jewelry box sitting on this make up table.  I heard the keys jinlge as she picked them up and then heard her walking back to the bed.  She used the key to trace around the base ring gently cupping my swollen balls in one hand.

“I have never seen your balls so full….is this what they call blue balls…hehehe?”

She insterted the key and turned the lock but didn’t take it out of the integrated housing.

“Maybe just maybe, I might let you out so you can feel my hand on my cock tonight,” she said.  With that she pulled the lock out of the channel and told me “you are going to have to push the tube off.”  It didn’t take long as my cock nearly exploded out of its prison.  She just laughed and slowly, gently worked my balls out of the ring…which then let her slide the now semi erect cock out of the ring.  She went to the bathroom and came back with a warm washcloth and cleaned her toy.  Then she got up off the bed and started walking toward the toy box.  The noises I heard from the box let me know my nipples were next.

“I haven’t doubled up on your nipples in a long time.”  All I could do was shake my head and without saying no verbally grunting my potential displeasure.  Then the first clamp bit on the left nipple.  As I said, I am a true masochist.  There are times when simple clothes pins are sufficient but not usually….so we have moved from clothes pins up through several types of clamps to contruction clamps.  She has three sizes of clamps from the small 1″ clamps that she uses right on the areolas to the large 4″ clamps that are placed on my pecs.  Sometimes, she will put the 4″ clamps on first which really expose the nipple then puts the 1″ clamp on the nipple.  This is called doubling up.  Thankfully, she didn’t do that chosing to only use the 1″  clamps…but she put them on deep behind the nipple which is fantastically excruciating.

Once the clamps were in place she returned her focus to my rigid cock.  First she sucked and nibbled on the head.  She couldn’t figure out the captive bead ring and must have forgotten she needed the pliers to pry it open ever so slightly so I knew in my head I was not going to be inside her wonderful pussy tonight.  She then began sucking my cock deep in her mouth and swirling her tongue on the shaft as she took me out of her mouth.  She brought me to the edge twice like this before getting up and walking in to the bathroom. I could hear her taking her pajamas off and opening the closet door in the bathroom.  She came back out and whispered in my ear:  “Your tongue better not touch me anywhere!”  With that she turned around and straddled my body placing her dripping wet pussy directly above my mouth as she placed my cock between her breast and started stroking my cock between them.  I could feel her juices dripping on my face and mouth and so wanted to bury my tongue deep inside her but didn’t.  After edging me another few times, I lost count, she turned around and asked me “now how long has it been since your last orgasm…come on I know you are counting the days…”

“I don’t know, Princess”

“Of course you know, my love…and if you don’t tell me right now it is going to be a lot longer.”

“40 days, Princess….”

“That’s it…only 40 days….maybe we should go for 60…”  she said as she was stroking my cock with one hand and alternating flippng the clamps back and forth on my nipples.  With that, I had to call “red” on the clamps.  As she took them off she gently massaged each one a bit back to its normal shape.  After removing the last clamp and massaging the nipple, I felt the base ring go back around my cock and I groaned.  “It needs to go back in its Steelheart now”.

She applied some lubricant and started working the balls back through but my cock was so stiff MrsL quickly realized it wasn’t going back in….so she applied more lube and started edging me again.  She edged me at least 6 more times (I lost count at that point again) nearly taking me over the brink every time.  When she finally grabbed my cock the last time and started stroking I thought for sure she was going to give me a full orgasm.  As I started moaning and trying to fuck her hand…I got that familiar feeling building deep in my groin and let out a long low growling moan….MrsL simply let go of my cock….and laughed as the full on orgasm was quickly spoiled!

I have never experienced a true “ruined” orgasm until then.  Yes, there was cum oozing out of my cock but there was no enjoyment…no relief…no surging hormones through my body.

MrsL put the Steelheart, base ring, and lock on my chest. She draped the now cold wet washcloth over my rapidly deflating erection, and as she grabbed the cuff attached to the strap on my left arm said:

“You are not to move until I leave the room.  Once I am out of the room, clean yourself up, put the toys away, put the Steelheart back on, and come downstairs to let me lock it again, understand?”

I shook my head yes and she undid the first cuff.  The other three cuffs were removed but not the blindfold.  I lay there, virtually tied, until I heard her put on her pajamas and leave the room.  I cleaned up the puddle of cum at the base of my cock, got everything put away and then put back on the Steelheart.  I went downstairs in nothing but the Steelheart and let her lock me back in.  I asked her if I could please let my tonuge give her an orgasm.  She looked at me and very coyily said:  “I already had one…granted it was a bit spoiled…but I had one tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.”

She kissed me good night and sent me off to bed.  I was so damn frustrated but so INCREDIBLY happy.  It was Sunday morning and the fun would continue all day.

Stay tuned…..

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