“I don’t know if I can wait…”

MrsL was gone for 2.5 hours yesterday so we now know I can at least that long locked and plugged.  To say that I was leaking precum all afternoon would be an understatement.  Of course, MrsL’s feet drive me crazy all of the time but they are super sexy when she gets back from her mani/pedi.

She took full advantage of that the remainder of the afternoon.  Anytime I would sit down on the sofa beside her she would immediately place a foot in my lap.  Unfortunately, our son was downstairs as well so even though I couldn’t suck on her toes I could rub and massage her feet.

Dinner was fun.  Our oldest son is at home getting his life back on track (I will pen a post about addiction issues at some point in the future…it is miserable watching someone you love struggle with this disease) and has a love for food and cooking so he volunteered to make tacos.  He did a great job making his own taco seasoning, pico, and guacamole.  The meal was simple and delicious.  After cleaning the kitchen, MrsL promptly put both feet in my lap for me to massage while we watched movies.

Even though it is the weekend, I still go to bed early if you consider 11:30 early.  MrsL sat up and finished watching the 2nd movie of the night with our son and finally came to bed around 1:30.  She knows I wake up when she comes in so tonight she stood by the bed and made it a point to slowly undress allowing me take in every lovely curve on her body.  She slid in to bed beside me, the Steelheart already making its presence known by throttling the erection that was trying to build, and crawled on top of me and started kissing me wildly.  After a few minutes of kissing:

“I don’t think I can wait until your birthday. I want your hard throbbing cock deep inside me. I may just unlock you right now and leave you unlocked all weekend so I can have my cock inside me whenever I want it!”  

She continued kissing me and rolled over beside me so she had full access to my raging trapped hard on.  MrsL has figured out how to wrap her hand behind the base ring and stroke the erection inside my body and promptly started slowly stroking me.

“Then again, maybe I can wait until MY birthday next month…can you?”

She continued kissing me passionately and stroking.  “Why don’t you show me, again, how much you LOVE me”.  I gave her 4 orgasms before she pulled me back up on the bed.

As we lay there, she started using her toe to tickle my feet.  At some point, she was the freshly pedicured nail of her big toe to run up and down the length of my left foot and there was an amazing pulse of energy that jolted from her toe, through my foot, up through my entire body.  It was so intense I was arching my back as my whole body shuddered and shook for a couple of seconds.

“What is your body doing tonight?” MrsL asked.

“I have no idea Princess but it was incredibly awesome.  You know I am yours.”

“Yes you are…every inch of your body is mine.” She began pinching my left nipple.

“Your nipples are mine” as she clamped down harder.  “Your cock and balls are mine…to use as I want, when I want, and how I want.”  She was playing with my hair with her left hand while she traced a finger down my chest, over my stomach, then gently grabbed my balls.

“I own your orgasms.  I decide IF and WHEN you have an orgasm.  I decide how you will have an orgasm.  I decide how many orgasms you have before being locked back up. And, I decide if you will eat your cum when I do allow you to orgasm. Any questions?”

“No, Princess.”

“I think I can wait until your birthday….or maybe even mine…!”  She kissed me one last time, rolled over, reached back and pulled me in to spoon with her, and fell asleep.

The nocturnal erections were punishing last night….I wonder why…?

2 thoughts on ““I don’t know if I can wait…”

  1. Thanks Domina Jen. This morning as we were laying in bed and she was teasing me I could tell she was thinking about something…so I asked. MrsL said: “thinking about what I am going to do on your birthday and what I am going to save for my birthday…it is only 3 weeks after yours”.

    The suspense is building!!


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