Today is MrsL’s mani/pedi day.  She started this process back in February before she and her Mom, Dad, & sisters went on a family cruise (minus the husbands and kids).  That was the spark that really reignited my foot fetish.

Just before she left she came upstairs to my office with a wry smile on her face.

“I’m going to be gone about 2 maybe 3 hours.  I think we need to expand your locked and plugged time a little….”

She turned and walked in to our bedroom and I dutifully followed and got what she wanted:  the butt plug, lubricant, a towel to lay on, and rubber gloves.  She was sitting at the antique make up table watching and when everything was laid out and ready she got up and walked over to where I was standing.

“I can’t put in the plug with you clothes on….”  I was so excited and anxious that I forgot to take off my shorts and boxer briefs.

After removing the clothing that was hindering her progress I laid over on the bed with my legs spead wide for her.

“Pull your cheeks apart for me, please.”  I obliged and reached around and pulled my cheeks apart for her as she pulled on the rubber gloves and began lubricating the plug.  I felt a finger slide in my bum…then two….then three then she began massaging my hole.  After a couple of minutes she slid the plug up in between her fingers and slowly let the plug guide inside me…until the bulb was past the opening…firmly seated in place.  She pulled off the rubber gloves and leaned over to give me a kiss on the back of my neck.

“I will see you in a couple of hours….try to make it all the way until I get back.”  The gloves were tossed on the towel and she walked out of the room…making a point to linger at the door so I could take in her beautiful ass.

I am now back at my desk with the plug exerting constant pressure on my prostrate.  I guess this is another step in preparing for my birthday next week…who knows.

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