Birthday preparations

Yesterday was not a good day to be flying. Storms all over the eastern seaboard and the midwest took what was supposed to be a leisurely stroll through Detroit’s airport with a 2 hour layover to a 7 minute sprint down 30+ gates to make my connection.  I made it and when I got home had a wonderful evening with my wonderful Wife/KH, MrsL.

After dinner I sat and watched an episode of Ghost Whisperer (she is binge watching it on NetFlix) then watched a couple of recorded episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  Being a foody, this show gives me my list of places to visit when I travel.  I then it got to clean the kitchen and MrsL joined me to “speed things along”.  My son had been picked up by a friend to go over the the local university bar scene and so MrsL was ready to be frisky.

She made herself a cup of Chai Tea then asked me to stand in front of her.  She had a pair of scissors in her hand and told me to drop my shorts.  She cut off the plastic seal and told me to go take a shower, shave everything that needed to be shaved, put the Steelheart on, put the lock in the receiver BUT DO NOT LOCK IT, then come back down with nothing else on.  I gladly complied and was back downstairs in less than 10 minutes standing as she turned the key to lock her Steelheart and smiled.  She was still drinking her cup of tea and had another episode of Ghost Whisperer on the tv.  She pointed to the floor in front of her and I sat down.  I was so happy when she elevated her right foot to my face.  Nothing needed to be said.  I began sucking her toes, licking the top and bottom of her foot, and massaging her ankle.  As I worked on the right foot she was teasing my exposed balls with her left foot.  She alternated feet throughout the remainder of the show and when it was finally over sat and used both feet to ensure the Steelheart was firmly in place and was “full”.

“Go upstairs and keep your phone with you.  I want you to THINK about your upcoming birthday while I take a bath.  When I am ready for you to come in a scrub my feet I will send you a text.  Until then, you know where to go and what to do.  Oh, start your timer so I know how long you can hang in there, hehe!”  Time Out!

I did as directed and went up to our closet.  I grabbed the hanger, started the stopwatch, and placed myself in time out.  A couple of minutes later I heard her come in the bedroom and go straight in to the bathroom.  I heard the bath tub faucet turn on, and then her milling around.  Then, she left the room!  I had know idea what she was doing but later found out she went down to grab a wine cooler.  When she got back to the bathroom  I heard her splashing water around and knew she was shaving.  After I started the stopwatch on my phone I turned off the screen so I had no idea how much time had passed.  When she finally texted me she was ready for me, I took the hanger off and grabbed my phone…..18:32 seconds.  That is a full 3 minutes past what she has given me to date.  She asked to see stopwatch and simply asked, “how much longer do you think you can stay in time out” and smiled.

I scrubbed her feet with this awesome citrus scented sugar scrub from Bath & Body Works making sure they were as near perfect as possible.  She then asked me to scrub her entire body.  Letting my hands work up first a scrub then a healthy lather of body wash was wonderfully mesmerizing after not having been allowed to help her with her last bath.  I dried her body off and we walked to the bed together.

“Someone didn’t make the bed this morning,” I said.

“I don’t make the bed anymore,” she replied while laughing and swatting my backside with her bare hand.  I asked her to lay down so I could put some lotion on her feet.  Once I finished that, I started licking and kissing her body.  I worked up one leg to her bubble cheek then the other cheek back down to her other foot.  I nuzzled in on her rosebud and let my tongue flick and explore there for several minutes.  I could hear her moaning as my tongue played with her ass.  She reached a hand back and started rolling over pulling me up on the bed.  We kissed passionately for a long, long time.  At one point, I begged to let me taste her now wet pussy and she said “not yet….I am enjoying your tongue in my mouth right now.”  With that, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth forcefully on to hers and I let me tongue dive down her throat.  We haven’t French kissed in, I can’t remember how long, and it was hot!  She finally pushed me off of her and rolled on top of me and started caressing my balls.

“Only 4 more days until your birthday.  What do you want for dinner?”

“I want you!”

“I will be your cum filled birthday cake….but you have to eat a real dinner first.”

My heart skipped two or three beats.

She had never stopped caressing my balls and playing with the Steelheart.

“From midnight to midnight, how many orgasms do you think you can have?  If I am feeling generous there may be several…do you think you can handle that?  I want you to be the one screaming for mercy and that the tank is empty….”

“The orgasms are yours to give, Princess.  I will gladly accept any you give me!”

“Well, you are going to have to push the Steelheart off with my cock….you are going to be tied down when I finally decide to unlock you.  Maybe, I will spoil (she doesn’t like to call them ruined) your first orgasm on your birthday….maybe not.”

“Whatever my Princess wants to give me…”

“You do know that your cum is a birthday present, too, don’t you?  My treat to you is having you lick up and eat every drop of cum from your orgasms.  If you miss any….your next orgasm could be a Christmas!”

“Yes, Princess….”

She started kissing me again.  In between kisses, I kept telling her how much I LOVED her.  She paused after few more minutes of deep wet kisses and whispered in my ear: “why don’t you take your tongue and show me just how much you LOVE me”.

I worked my tongue down over her breast stopping to kiss and gently chew on each nipple.  I showered kisses down her entire upper body finally landing on her already engorged clit.  I flicked her clit a few times then raised her legs to expose her wonderfully wet lips.  I lapped up her juices with long stroked of my tongue, starting from her rosebud up through her pussy, to her clit.  She was moaning and bucking her hips wildly in a matter of seconds.  Her first orgasm was powerful and long.  Her vaginal muscles have never pulsed as much as they were at that point.  It was heaven.  She allowed me to bring her to 8 more orgasms before she pulled me up on the bed.  As we lay there, bodies interlaced, she kissed me goodnight, rubbed her hand over her Steelheart, squeezed my balls (commenting on how full they felt), and then went to sleep with these words:  “it is almost your birthday.”

After the Steelheart became comfortable again, I was able to doze off to sleep.  Happy and frustrated…the way it should be!

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