Musings from the road

Reader beware.  This is not going to be an update about chastity….well not most of it anyway.  So, I will get the chastity update out of the way early and if you want to stop reading after that…that is okay.

Have I mentioned how incredibly comfortable my Steelheart is after the modifications?  This past week, other than the times when MrsL was teasing me or those damn pesky night time erections I hardly even knew it was locked in place.  But, since I am traveling this week I have been relegated to the Bon4.  MrsL allows me to bring along the regular lock to use once I clear TSA security.  I carry the open lock in my backpack along with a sealed envelope containing a new numbered seal and the key to lock.  As I have written before, once I am in a place where we can FaceTime, she oversees as I remove the plastic seal she put on the night before and apply the real lock.  It probably doesn’t do anything with this silicone chastity device other than give me a nice taget to grab and adjust when needed.  Last night, she took the key and second plastic seal with her as I went to bed and said she would leave the envelope in my luggage.  You can’t tell but it is obvious to me she included a letter…so stay tuned.


So, tomorrow night we will reverse the process.  So, enough on the chastity front….now on to the musings.

I fail to understand some people these days.  Flying used to be a nice activity.  You could earn status on airlines, count on nice upgrades, and most everybody on the plane knew how to behave and the proper etiquette of boarding and leaving.  Obviously, all that has changed or maybe I am letting my inner curmudgeon come out a bit too much.

I had to get up at 2:30 to get ready and make it to the airport in time for a 5 a.m. flight.  My employer wants me to take the lowest airfare and since I typically can’t book 21 days in advance I get stuck on these early morning flights.  I get to the airport to find TSA PreCheck not open.  How is it possible that an airline offers 5:00 am flights but TSA doesn’t open the PreCheck line until 4:30. Yeah, I will take some heat for having to run to my gate…but…why have the benefit of PreCheck and then go through all of the extra stuff: computer out of the bag, shoes off, toiletries out in a bin….etc. The first flight was uneventful….except for the overwhelming smell of something burning.  The flight attendants were pacing up and down the aisle looking for smoke and finally offered up some lame excuse that made no sense.  Thankfully, there were no issues and I made it to Atlanta.

Personally, I hate flying through Atlanta.  It is too crowded, people don’t watch where they are going, and my connections always seems to be “at risk”.  I made it to my connection just as boarding was starting.  I don’t have enough miles on this airline so I paid for early boarding…the only nice thing about the flight.  I get to my seat and right behind me is a guy with a large duffle bag and he began trying to stuff it in the overhead.  First: how did he get past the “check your luggage” box?  Second, did he bring his entire damn wardrobe?  He basically shut down the entire boarding process for 2-3 minutes trying to stuff, shove, rearrange, and finally opening the big duffle bag to pull out 2 smaller duffle bags….all 3 bulging at the seams.  Wow!

Departure time comes and goes…and goes…and goes.  The pilot came on about 30 minutes in to the delay explaining the printer at the gate wasn’t working and without his paperwork we could not leave.  This is 2015….why do flights still have to have hard copies of documents?  I am sure there is a good reason…it just escapes me at this point.  Finally after an hour delay, where all of the natives got restless, the pilot announces we are ready to depart.  Guess what, there were at least 4 people up milling around or in the lavatory.  We finally got off of the ground one hour and ten minutes late.  Then the best part…..

Flying with children can be a challenge.  Trust me, I have taken my fair share of domestic and international flights with one or more children (we flew home from Germany for my brother’s wedding in 1991 with a teething 9 month old). There were two separate Moms traveling with 5-7 year olds.  Both Moms slept the entire flight as the 4 kids ran amok.  I could hear the pair two rows behind me through my noise canceling head phones.  The pair in front of me were jumping up and down out of their seats, climbing over each other, and acting like they were getting sick.  When the little girl took an air sickness bag to the back galley one of the flight attendants came to roust her Mom and inform her that her little girl was sick.  It took the flight attendant 3 minutes to get the Mom awake.  I could never really tell if the little girl was actually sick but she “recovered” rather quickly.

Once we finally landed, a young lady behind me stood up as I was placing my headphones in my back pack. I get a tap on the shoulder.  It was the young lady.  She, very politely I will add, couldn’t understand why I was taking so long and she wanted to get off of the plane.  On my best behavior I simply asked her, “where she thought she could go since we were at the back of the plane”.  I guess she has never flown and realized common etiquette was to leave one row at a time.  Just another long miserable day on a bus…oh…sorry…a plane.

Enough non chastity stuff.  Thanks for reading through my rant.

2 thoughts on “Musings from the road

  1. You and I live in the exact same world, except for I have learned to make a big deal at TSA when I get through with the little colored card by walking up to the main desk and asking for a comment card – they fall all over themselves trying to make sure you don’t send it in.

    As for the travel itself, IT SUCKS and you just described about 75 percent of my flights in that one description. My work also requires what yours does, but we use a little travel website that lights up green, yellow or red on each flight and if it’s green there are no questions. Yellow I will book every so often, but never ever a red. I say that to say I have learned to game that system to get my airline of choice because I am the highest level elite (I do about 200,000 MQMs a year) and I like the backups that provides, but that doesn’t help when printers stop working (btw, I have heard that about 12 times).

    That said, I will see you in the Skyclub!


    P.S. – don’t worry about everything not being chastity. I’d have nothing to write about if I stayed on the topic listed in my headline. Plus, posts like this make you really human which makes people care more about what’s locked on your penis. I promise!

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  2. Thanks, Drew. I wasn’t sure about it but you just made my morning. I will have to get more information on the TSA comment card…sounds like a great way to ensure great service.

    As for flights, I don’t fly nearly that many miles a year…yet. It seems to be ramping up. My companies travel system flags anything we do that is “not the lowest option” and since my boss reports directly to the CFO….well…let’s just say I don’t get a lot of wiggle room. Kind of like my penis!!!


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