Travel preparations…spanking included

I am headed back out of town on business tomorrow.  Since it is only a two day trip, MrsL has decided I will wear my Bon4 device for the two days.  I am not happy about it because I truly forget I am wearing the Steelheart; however, MrsL gets what she wants…especially…when it comes to keeping me chaste!

I forgot to mention that date night included a stop by the local Adam & Eve store.  She wanted a new discipline tool; a paddle, crop, cane, or whatever caught her eye.  She settled on a leather strap attached to a riding crop.  There are two strips of leather 2″ wide and 4″ long on the end of the crop.  So, when she came up to put the plastic seal on the Bon4 she informed me I was to receive my spanking for my infractions for the past couple of days.

I marched down to the garage and made myself ready.  When she came out she made me tell her what all of my infractions are: she relies on me to keep up with and be honest and I do.  There were 5 infractions.  When I fell silent she asked me if that was all to which I replied, “yes, Princess.”

She gave me 5 swats for each of the 5 infractions.  It was very effective.


So, now I am off to bed with a wake up time in about 4 hours to catch a flight to a big east coast city for another fraud investigation.  Good thing MrsL keeps me straight!

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