Date night surprises…

I surprised the lovely MrsL a couple of weeks back and set up a date night for the two of us for tonight.  A couple of weeks back, while at a live movie theater telecast of drum corps quarterfinals, I saw an promo for Grease, the Sing-a-long and instantly knew it would be a great surprise for her.  I told her to mark her calendar then for a date night but she wasn’t going to know what it was until we went.  She happily agreed.

I mentioned the other day about her beautiful, stunning, new sun dress.  Everytime I see her wearing it I comment that she could really drive me crazy by wearing that dress without underwear.  In the back of my mind, I kind of figured that was the one part of MrsL that would always remain vanilla.  Well, I was only half wrong.

She was completely surprised when we got to the theater. Even looking at the list of movies she couldn’t quite figure out what we were there to see because it was listed as TCM Presents: Gre (I guess they ran out of space).  She stayed back until I had the tickets in my hand and I showed them to her….they had the full movie title minus the sing a long part.  When I told her it was a sing a long she was ecstatic.  Now, I have never watched Grease….ever…but know some of the songs.  Let’s face it, I was a kid when it came out and have had ample chances but have never seen the need to or had the desire to watch it…until now.  We got our snacks and drinks and entered the theater going to the back row.  We chatted during the previews and finally had a blast watching and singing along.  My surprise was sucessful!

About half way through the movie, after Rizzo has her solo about potentially being pregnant which has what could be called a reference to orgasm denial, MrsL leans over and informs me: “so it is too bad those two ladies joined us on the back row….I may have on underwear…but they are crotchless”.  She later told me the look on my face and the way my entire body reacted was priceless.  After she told me about her wonderful crotchless undies….she placed one of her feet on the empty seat back in front of us and started rubbing the seat.  Needless to say, I lost all focus on the movie.  Her surprise was even more sucessful!

I am upstairs getting ready for bed but she is still downstairs watching the finale of The Next Food Network Star with our son.  As I kissed her goodnight she simply said, “they are still on” and gave me a long kiss.  Who knows what will happen when she comes to bed later!!

Well, one thing for sure will not happen:  I will not be having an orgasm!

One thought on “Date night surprises…

  1. Just a quick update: whether or not I am in a deep sleep or tossing & turning I now always wake up the second I hear MrsL’s hand on the door. I welcomed her to bed with a nice back rub and let my fingers begin exploring her wonderful crotchless undies. As she was quietly purring, I moved to let my tongue and mouth give her an orgasm. She simply put a hand on my arm and said, “not now…maybe later” and dozed off to sleep holding my arm. Wow! Happy, horny, frustrated, and a throbbing erection trapped inside the Steelheart.

    As I said, who knows what will happen later.


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