A new level of teasing…Part II

Today marks a huge milestone for MrsL and I, in more ways than one, and life just got more interesting.  Here’s a tease…I am writing this as she is leaving to go shopping locked and plugged.  Details below:

Milestone I:  30 Days

Today marks 30 days since my last orgasm.  This may not seem like a lot to guys who goes for months at a time.  However, for me it is a lifetime.  Until I figured out that surrendering my orgasms and sexual activity to MrsL completely, chastity never worked. This time, I realized it was never about me and is ALWAYS about her.  She does not set dates for my orgasms.  We do not play chastity games; however, we  may start just to add a new level of excitement to our newly blossoming love.  As I chronicled in my first post, I was accustomed to masturbating daily.  I had gotten to a point where I couldn’t even keep an erection for more than 4-5 minutes TOTAL when I was with MrsL due to masturbating.  Now, whenever I am unlocked I stay hard as a rock for a long, long time.  This morning was no different.  MrsL didn’t know, nor did she care, that today has been 30 days.  She just woke up horny and in a mood to tease the hell out of me.

She retrieved her key and unlocked the Steelheart and slid the tube off leaving the ring in place. She kissed me passionately as she started stroking her uncaged cock.  For the first time in a long time, she reached in to the night stand and took out a bottle of lube and applied a generous amount to my stiffening manhood and began a slow methodical stroking.   She told me that she was done stroking, at this point, and said if I wanted I could use my hips. Since she left her hand wrapped around me I knew I could attempt to satisfy myself.  “Oh, you do know that you can not cum, right”.  I started fucking her hand.  She would vary her grip between firm and light and watched me intently and knew exactly when to leave me thrusting air.  This went on for nearly 45 minutes each time leaving me humping the air pretty violently with a steady stream of pre cum oozing from me.  Several times, she would grab me at the base and squeeze up to the top ensuring she got all of the pre cum out of me then placed her hand at my mouth.  Finally, after one last (and relatively short) session she took her hand off, got up went to the bathroom, and came back with a cold towel.  Of course, she placed this on top of my still twitching member to soften things up a bit.  After a few minutes, I was once again locked in her Steelheart….very horny, very frustrated, and EXTREMELY happy.

So, where does milestone II come in to play?  MrsL has encouraged me to tell her about my fantasies and dreams.  As of late, all my dreams include the two of us doing lots of fun and wonderful things: some are sexual in nature and others are simply us enjoying life.  A couple of days ago I woke up with a raging erection, which was also the day I had to be unlocked for the urethra abrasion, and knew I had been dreaming.  I struggled all day to remember the dream then it finally clicked that night as I was watching someone put ear plugs in, of all things.  The dream consisted of being unlocked, teased, locked and then having a butt plug inserted for the day.  As we were watching television, I told MrsL about my dream.  She looked at me, smiled, and said “maybe.”  We introduced anal play many years ago.  I absolutely love having her play with my ass…and YES…fuck me.  I love the sensation and feeling and she has really come to enjoy doing it.  We have several different butt plugs, rubber & glass, and two dildos.  She has her pick.  Now for milestone II.

Milestone II:  Plugged

About an hour ago, MrsL came upstairs and went in to take a shower.  She came out and made my mouth drop to the floor in my favorite sun dress.  I inquired where she was going and she simply said “shopping”.  I LOVE HER!  I got up and immediately wanted to worship her wonderful body and she let me.  She grabbed the Steelheart through my shorts and led me to the bedroom, laid down on the bed, and let me remove her underwear from under her sun dress.  I worshipped her wonderful loins and made her cum two or three times before she made me stop.  (Luckily, I didn’t have any conference calls at the time).  After her last orgasm, she told me to go get some lube, the smallest butt plug, drop my shorts, and lay across the bed.  My heart skipped a beat.  I retrieved the items requested and dropped my shorts to the floor then leaned over the bed with my legs spread wide.  MrsL then lubed up her hand and my hole and inserted one, then two, then three fingers to loosen things up a bit.  After a few minutes she removed her fingers and grabbed the plug and lube from the bed.  I then felt the tip of the plug enter me and with a slow steady pressure she inserted the plug up to the base.  Like all butt plugs, this one is larger at the base so once it was seated in place she removed her hand and it stayed in place.  I have had her fingers in me.  She has come close to fully fisting me a couple of times. She has fucked me with a 6″ and 7 dildo.”  Now, she has me plugged.  She ordered me to get dressed as she went in to the bathroom to wash her hands.  When she came out, she informed me that unless it was an emergency I had to stay plugged until she was done shopping.  When I asked how long that would take, all she said was “until I am done.”   She even teased me, “it might be fun to have you go with me”.  Thankfully, I have a conference call in a few minutes so I couldn’t go.  I am sure a trip out with her while I am plugged is in our future.

This is a completely new experience. The sensation of being full from 30 days of no orgasms is one thing.  The sensation of being FULL from her butt plug, specifically resting on my prostrate is both enjoyable and maddening!  She has been gone for about 30 minutes already.

We have truly reached a new level of teasing!

UPDATE:  I made it nearly two hours before I had to text MrsL to ask permission to remove it.  Her reply, “Yes, now we know the minimum.”

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