Locked up and Teased

After close inspection and a smaller captive bead ring put in place, MrsL locked her Steelheart back on me last night.  We are going to have a mandatory “health” check later today to ensure there are no more issues with abrasions.  After turning the lock in place I was orderd to lay down spread eagle on the bed for her playtime.

She teases me daily but once a week she has much more fun, locked or unlocked, which results in me being left horny, dripping precum (which she ensures I consume), and frustrated…the only way to be!!

She started last night by telling me I was not going to be tied down but if I moved everything stopped and we would simply go to sleep.  I particularly don’t like this but she does and since she is in charge that is how the night went.

“I’m going to make my caged cock wish it were uncaged by sucking on your toes”.  With that she started licking and sucking each toe on my right foot paying special attention to the big toe. She coupled this with her lovely fingernails tickling the bottom of the foot.  It was incredibly difficult not moving!  She slowly worked her way to my left foot and repeated the entire process.  After a few minutes, she climbed up on the bed and straddled me with her wonderfully wet pussy hovering over my face.

“No touching of any kind”….the phrase I never like hearing especially when she is so incredibly close and all I would have to do is stick out my tongue to start driving her crazy.  As she dripped on my face, she continued sucking my toes and letting her fingernails glide up the inside of my legs.  I wanted to move and squirm so badly but didn’t want to the fun to end.  She slid down my body, reached around and firmly grabbed the Steelheart.  I was mesmerized by the view as she placed herself at the end of the Steelheart and slowly drove it inside herself.  MrsL is not one to masturbate so I guess this doesn’t count.

The Steelheart was biting hard at this time and in my mind I knew what I should be feeling; however, there was absolutely nothing…other than the wonderful pressure on my balls being trapped between her pussy and the base ring.  She continued riding the Steelheart for several minutes before pulling off of it and planting herself on my mouth and ordering me to “finish the job”.  I eagerly complied and within minutes was rewarded with her pulsating orgasm smothering my face.  She made sure to gyrate her hips leaving my face covered with her intoxicating juices.

This was not the end; however, as she wheeled around in the bed and started attacking my nipples.  Sensitive as they were from the morning time out, they were an easy target.  My nipples are her ticket to my full on submissive state so she took full advantage of this by pinching and biting each one separately before latching on to both of them with her iron grip.  As I lay there, basking in the feelings of being completely hers, she leaned down and whispered in my ear:

“Your birthday is only two weeks away. I really hope your job doesn’t have you traveling that week.  Not to worry, if you are out of town on your birthday we will just move your next orgasm out to my birthday.”

She released my nipples and kissed me goodnight.  As she went to sleep, I lay there trying desparately to figure out ways to ensure I am not out of town in two weeks.  If that happens, her birthday is not until the middle of September….another 21 days past my birthday….!

Oh well, the orgasms are not mine anymore. They are hers to give as she wants.  I am happily locked up again and more in LOVE with her every day!

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