Discipline night…

Well, as mentioned in yesterday’s update last night was regular discipline night. When my oldest son and his girlfriend du’jour left on a dinner date I could tell MrsL had forgotten and I was very conflicted. My backside was still a bit sore from the Saturday night session but I didn’t want to make it worse. After I cleaned the kitchen from our dinner I walked up behind MrsL, who had insisted on helping with laundry, wrapped my arms around her and asked her if she was ready to discipline me.

“Oh, I almost forgot. It is a good thing you reminded me. Go to the garage and get ready.”

The Steelheart was rapidly becoming very uncomfortable as the excitement grew but I knew it would not last long. I went to the garage, stripped from the waist down, and laid across the hood of her car. She took her time coming out but when she did she had my pledge paddle again.

“Do you want to know how many or should I just start?” Wow, what a question!!!

“Just start, please.”

“First, you tell me what all you have done wrong this week and then I’ll start.”

“I have left my Keurig cup in the machine 3 times since we got home, I used the wrong colored hangers 4 times, I went upstairs empty handed too many times to count, and I left clothes in the washer and dryer when we left Sunday (which we knew as soon as we walked in Thursday afternoon from the moldy smell).”

“Okay.” is all she said just as the first swat connected.

I didn’t count…I didn’t want to count….I just told myself to accept it and be a better husband. Needless to say the Steelheart was no longer uncomfortable as any excitement was long gone. It was all over with in just about a minute. MrsL announced “30” as she made the last lick count.

She likes to focus on one side at a time to maximize the “impact” of the discipline so there must have been 15 on each side.  I asked her to take a picture of her handiwork so I could see the results.  She did take a couple of  really awesome pictures on my phone but stood there and made me delete them as soon as I saw them.  The pictures I tried to take on my own were not as impressive so I deleted them as well.  Next time, as I am sure there will be, I will get the pictures posted.

Afterwards, I asked her if I could please massage, scrub, and lotion her feet and she agreed. So I sat on the floor with a sore ass relishing in the fact I was allowed to buff and massage her feet…making them oh so soft. When I was finished, she then teased me through my shorts with her feet until we heard the front door lock being turned….our son and his date coming home.  I scrambled up on the loveseat beside MrsL but didn’t have time to put away the foot care stuff at MrsL’s feet.

As we sat and talked, my son’s girlfriend noticed the towel, foot cream, and Dr. Scholl’s pedicure machine laying at MrsL’s feet.  She quizically looked at my wife and asked how she did her feet.  All MrsL said was, “I don’t…he does…”  She looked at me and grinned.  The girlfriend just smiled and said “that’s great!”  A few minutes later, the two of them went off upstairs to watch a movie on Netflix and MrsL leaned over and stroked my balls “that was fun now wasn’t it?”

I had a difficult time sleeping last night.   Between the soreness of my backside and the nocturnal erections being trapped and confined in the Steelheart, I probably slept 4-5 hours but it was well worth it for me.  I will learn to follow the rules.

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