Steelheart modifications

My apologies for taking longer than expected to add a picture of the modifications I asked the fine folks at Steelworxx to make for me.

First, after a couple of months in the Bon4 44mm ring and very careful measurements MrsL and I agreed that we should order the 42mm round and anatomically designed base rings.  We had taken measurements over the course of several days both completely flacid and fully erect and since the size options went from 45mm to 42mm I didn’t think I had the option to ask for a 44mm ring.  Well, both of the 42mm rings created way to much pressure and discomfort during teasing play and those damn nocturnal erections were painful (I had to bail out and unlock that first night).  I thought maybe if I added 2mm to each of the pins increasing the gap between the ring and the tube it would make a difference so I emailed Dietmar and explained I was comfortable in a 44mm ring but he didn’t have that option so I wanted to know if he could lengthen the pins.  When he replied he said he could make a 44mm ring and add the extra 2mm to the pins.  MrsL and I took measurements again and arrived at just ordering a 44mm anatomical ring which is working wonderfully.  It rides a little lower on me that the Bon4 did, especially when I am hot or have been working out, but all in all it was the right decision.


Second, I remember reading a review by Thumper comparing the Steelheart to the CB6K where he mentioned in the “hygeine” portion how “peeing in the SH was a significantly warmer experience” and after having mine on for a couple of days had certainly figured that out as well.  By using the shorter tube with the original small hole on the front, even with everything lined up perfectly, I was still having excess urine back up into the tube and out through the top….ewww!  So, in my emails with Dietmar I asked if he could open the hole on the front to a larger size.  He gladly said yes and I could not be more pleased with the outcome.  Now, no more “backflow”, if you will, and I have reached the holy grail of peeing while standing up.


After one day of wear prior to our vacation and MrsL crossing the threshold to telling me to lock up instead of asking me when/if I was going to lock up, I have now been in her Steelheart for 2 full days.  Comfort is no longer an issue. I drove 6 hours roundtrip and helped my youngest son move in to his dorm yesterday and really didn’t know it was there.  I can’t wait to go to CrossFit tomorrow for a workout in it…shouldn’t be an issue.  As for hygeine, I take a shower every morning and I have a 4-5 minute routine at night before climbing in to bed using warm soapy water, a squirt bottle, and a long narrow swab that allows me to ensure I get a thorough scrub inside the tube.  The nocturnal erections are still happening, like clockwork, between 3 and 5 am.  The excess pressure is gone and while it is unpleasant (isn’t that the point) they are manageable.

Oh, if you are wondering about the metal inside the opening, that is my PA piercing being held in place by the PA Loop sold by Steelworxx making escape all but impossible (and I would never try because I asked to be in chastity).

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