Losing my cool and paying the price….

I hate inefficiency.  I don’t like doing anything twice let alone 4, 5, six times.  Yesterday, was not a good day and I lost my composure, snapped, and made a complete ass of myself.

We had a great week of family time.  We had to come back a day early so we could pack up our youngest son to take him back to college on Saturday.  He marches for one of the best college bands in America, of course I am biased, and band camp starts today so he had to check in and move in yesterday.  When we got back Thursday we did some laundry and got prepped to finish up on Friday.  There was a lot to get done and it didn’t all get done meaning we had to get up yesterday, load the cars, drive 3 hours, unload and set his room, and drive back 3 hours.  Adding insult to injury, as a veteran he couldn’t check in until 2 pm yesterday so that meant it would be a long, long day.

Once we got there and through the check in process we headed to his dorm room.  His dorm was carved in a hill and was old enough that there was no elevator.  Luckily, there weren’t many band veterans in this dorm so we didn’t have to deal with a ton of people.  We found a way to only have to go up one set of stairs which wasn’t much of a win but some consolation.  That is when things went sideways…in a big way.

MrsL likes to tinker and see what works the best.  Keep in mind, at this point, we only had 3 hours to get everything done to include going to the local Lowe’s to pick up a new dorm fridge and go to Wal-Mart to get his drinks, snacks, and food.

With that in mind, we started working on how to arrange the room based on my son’s agreement with his roommate.  The beds had to be bunked.  Fortunately, the wardrobes were on wheels so they were easy to move.  The beds, on the other hand, had bent rails so they didn’t want to come apart.  This was the second straw toward the breaking point.  MrsL wanted to try two or three different configurations so we started connecting and stacking, disconnecting and rearranging, then connecting and stacking again.  We must have handled the beds 4, 5, or 6 times before finally arriving at the “best” solution.  On the 4th time trying to unhook bent and obstinate bed rails, the final straw that sent me over the breaking point.  I lost my cool and made a couple of nasty comments.  I was directing them at me, in general, but obviously too loud.  There was something about touching the same damn things too many damn times and something about a monkey having intercourse with a football.  When I realized I said them outloud I stopped and saw MrsL staring at me with a look of disgust and hurt.  I felt horrible.  I haven’t lost my cool like that since the beginning of the year.  My son tried to lighten the mood by laughing at the monkey comment but I had to leave the room long enough to calm down.  When I finally came back in, I apologized and all MrsL said was we would discuss it later.  I went to get the fridge, returned, and found the two of them basically done.  I offered to take my son to Wal-Mart while she organized and got his room set.  We said goodbye to our son and headed home.

On the ride back home I apologized numerous times and MrsL would simply said, “it’s okay” but I knew it wasn’t.  We finally got home around 10 pm and spent some time watching television.  As a night owl, MrsL usually stays up an hour or so longer than I do and last night was no exception.  As I stood up to head to bed, MrsL asked for my phone.  I knew immediately what she was planning just not how severe.  She uses a “modified time out” in our bedroom closet.  The time out consist of:  me naked, no light, door shut (perfect for thinking about things), a hanger with clamps attached to my nipples, and the hanger hooked put back on the shelf.  I have to stand on my toes so not only do I have sore nipples but sore calves.  To add to the discipline aspect, she makes me do all of this on my own…she sets the timer and hands it to me.  Nothing is said…all done with a look.

When she handed my phone back the timer was set for 15 minutes.  I dutifully walked up to our bedroom, shut the door, and entered the closet.  Once I was naked and had the clamped hanger on my nipples I turned out the lights and hooked myself, on my toes, to the shelf and started the timer.  I always turn the screen off so I have no light and can’t watch the seconds tick by.  MrsL has never checked on me as this is “on my honor”; however, last night was different.

About half way through, I guessed, I heard her coming up the stairs and soon heard the closet door open.  I heard her grab my fraternity pledge paddle off of the wall and then immediately felt it’s sting on my exposed ass.  There were not ordinary swats…she hit with a purpose from the start.  I lost count at three because I was focusing on not moving too much so I didn’t jerk the clamps off of my already aching nipples.  When she finished, she replaced the paddle and came over to caress my extremely hot cheeks and simply whispered in my ear, “it is okay to lose your temper every once in awhile…you are a man…but never use that kind of language around me again.”  With that, she found my phone and turned it on just in time to count down to zero.  She set the phone down on the shelf and walked out to go back downstairs.  I was left to crawl in bed with a sore backside and a valuable lesson.  I am still sore today.  The exciting and SCARY part of this situation:  tonight is our regular discipline night!  I guess being unlocked for a week gave me brain freeze as I have forgotten several things since being back Thursday night: Keuring cup left in the Keurig (twice now, clothes on wrong colored hangers, leaving clean laundry downstairs when I go upstairs to name three).  She just came up behind me as I was cleaning the kitchen and asked if I thought I could handle it tonight.  My reply:  “do I have a choice….”

She just ran to the store so I able to  finish this post.  I am genuinely ramped up and horny thinking about tonight….but at the same time absolutely terrified thinking about just how serious she was in meting out punishment last night.

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