A new level of teasing

After a long day of driving, putt-putt golf, getting a family of 4 settled in our hotel room, and some totally guilty pleasure eating last night I snuggled up behind MrsL as she and my oldest were watching their HBO shows.  Now, we are in a suites style hotel but not in the traditional sense.  There are two rooms but everything is open so what happened really took me by surprise.

We both normally sleep in the buff.  I hate feeling confined under the sheets, unless of course it is my chastity device. However, that is why I am on a breakaway from chastity.  MrsL was wearing her favorite silk pj set and I had on a pair of cotton running shorts.  I was laying there spooned up against her back all covered up ready to doze off to sleep when I felt her hand start rubbing me through my shorts.  Now, MrsL has come a long way from the sweet vanilla woman I married 26 years ago but this was a new level all together.  As my youngest slept on the pull out sofa in the front part of the room and the oldest was intently watching HBO in the bed 3 feet away MrsL had decided to tease me for the evening.

I adjusted, giving her room to do what she wanted under the covers without it being obvious.  She was quite adept in her subtlenss.  I focused on keeping my breathing somewhat normal as she brought me ever closer to the elusive edge of orgasm.  As she got close, I simply “tapped out” much like you see in a MMA fight and she would stop for a few seconds and go right back in for the kill.  After 3 or 4 tap outs, she moved her hand away, rolled over and gave me kiss, and reminded me that she was off limits all week.  What does that mean,  I can’t touch her in any sexual manner I can’t carress her butt or breast and certainly can’t let me fingers go near her wonderful pussy.

This morning both boys had gone to the breakfast area and she walked up to me as I was getting changed: “I can play with my cock anytime I want….you on the other hand are most definitely not allowed to touch me or my toys…”  With that, she smiled and sauntered off out of the room leaving me horny as hell with a raging uncaged hard on…knowing I would do nothing but wait it out.  It is going to be a great week.

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