Steelheart arrived!!

So, when I got home at midnight last night MrsL was in a particularly feisty mood.  She had been teasing me all day long with text messages, which made my final two interviews nearly impossible, about how she was going to surprise me when I got home.  This made me happy since I had been so grumpy on the FaceTime with her the night before.

I get home, help her bathe and shave, and she cuts off the seal and removes the Bon4.  She told me to take a shower and that she would be waiting for me on the bed.  I showered quickly and when I opened the door to the bedroom there she was, beautiful naked body lounging on the bed holding her Steelheart!  It had arrived earlier this week from being modified by the fine folks at Steelworxx in Germany.  I was horribly conflicted as I wanted to be locked in it right away but also was hoping for some teasing…maybe even an orgasm (even though she has made it clear my next orgasm will not be until my birthday still 24 days away). I meekly asked if she wanted me to put it on…”Not right now…I want you inside me…”  Fireworks went off in my head.

I climbed on top of her nakedness and she took my throbbing cock in her hand and guided it into her warmth.  As I started a slow gentle rythm, MrsL whispered in my ear:  “I want you to cum inside me…” then paused.  I was in heaven….until….”in 24 more days on your birthday.”  That made me even harder and I nearly exploded at that point.  She then asked me to replace my aching erection inside her with my tongue and finish her off orally.  After her second orgasm, she ordered me to lay down on the bed and she climbed on top of me and slid her wondfully moist and engorged vaginal lips down over the head of my cock and stopped.  “Remember, what this feels like?” before sliding all the way down on to my shaft.  She edged me 3 or 4 times before we both nearly jumped out of the bed due to, of all things, a damn noisey CAT FIGHT right outside our window.  Talk about a mood killer!

I started to ask MrsL if she wanted me in her Steelheart.  She obviously anticipated the question and placed on finger over my lips and said, “Let’s get some sleep. We can lock up my cock in a few hours.”  With that we snuggled in to each other and dozed off.

A full description, with pictures, of the modifications will be posted later today.  Right now, I am happily locked in stainless steel, MrsL is at the nail shop for her bi-weekly mani/pedi, and I am cleaning/doing laundry in preparation for our family vacation which starts tomorrow.  MrsL hinted as she locked her Steelheart this morning that I will be sans metal this week but she is thinking about reinstituting her “no touch” rule for the week: (I can’t touch her in any manner that I would not be willing to have our boys see…basically meaning no sexual touching).  I certainly hope that is not the case as we will have some alone time while we are away.  We will see.

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