Metal Detectors

Figuring out the nuances of travel through airports while locked in chastity; especially in my case, is pretty easy.  As I chronicled earlier this week, MrsL’s travel process works great for us.  As a I corporate fraud investigator for a global company, not only do I travel a lot I also deal with the law enforcement and legal folks on a pretty consistent basis.  Usually, being chaste is not an issue until today, well almost.

I am out in the great midwest at one of our business units on yet another issue. I visit this location 2-3 times a year for many reasons (you would think by now folks would figure out that they can’t commit fraud at this site but it is great for job security).  I was out here two months ago and submitted a mound of evidence on an employee who committing fraud to the local PD.  When I booked my flight to come back out I called the local PD and asked to meet with the detective assigned to the case. I got a call a day later confirming the appointment so all was on track.

When I got out here this week, I confirmed via email the time of the meeting and location.  Remember, I switch out of the plastic seal to an actual lock with the key in a sealed envelope when I get to my hotel the first night.  While showering this morning, I had an epiphany…I had the metal lock on and was going to a police department in a government building today and there would be metal detectors.  Holy shit!  What the hell was I thinking, or in this case not thinking.  I scrambled to call MrsL to beg for permission to switch over to the plastic seal only to be told no. WTF???

As the meeting time approached I became more and more anxious.  I went over what I was going to use as an excuse when the metal detector was set off by the lock on my Bon4.  I was planning on leaving my belt on in hopes that would be an acceptable excuse.  Adding potential insult to injury, I had two colleagues with me: a new investigator traveling with me for a few cases and a member of corporate HR.  On the way to the police department my heart was racing and much to my surprise I was very, very excited.  My cock was straining against it is silicone jail cell and I couldn’t get MrsL’s simple one word answer out of my head.

I pulled in to the government center parking lot and sat there for a few extra seconds to gather my wits.  My business associates got quizzed me when I finally got out of the car because they thought I was sick. I played it off and we started walking to the door.  Sweat was beading on my forehead and it wasn’t from the heat.  I walked a bit more briskly than my colleagues in hopes that I could get through the metal detectors before they came in the door.  I just knew I was going to set off the metal detector, be subject to a pat down then have to try keep my composure and blame it on my belt.

When I opened the door I got a little relief….it was a typical government center with many different functions in the building so there was not metal detectors on the main entrance.  My thoughts immediately went to having to go in to the actual police department suite and the dread set back in an instant. Oh, by the way I was still just a bit excited.   As I approached the door to the police department I stilled myself for the inevitable and opened the door…..YES!!!  There were no metal detectors at this entrance either!   While I was waiting to meet with the detective I sent MrsL a text letting her know there were not any metal detectors.  She sent back “aww shucks…maybe we will just leave the lock on for your return flight since you didn’t get to experience it today, LOL”  I hope she is joking?!?!?

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