First, let me rant about something definitely not chastity related….today’s modern bus station…oh I mean airport.  Flying on a Monday as a business traveler is crazy enough. I mean being out there with the thousands upon thousands of business people is bad enough some with their holier than thou smugness, some that despite flying every week still can’t seem to be completely organized, and most that are so damn lost in their headphones that they don’t pay attention and expect the world to warp around them (cue the Frank Herbert Dune references).  Then, throw the summer vacation travelers in the mix and you have a recipe for sheer madness…but wait…that’s not all!  When traveling through two major southern hub airports you have to add in the layer of international travelers which makes for a fantastically insane morning.  But I digress.

Yesterday, as MrsL was sealing the emergency key and a second plastic seal in an envelope and signing the sealed part of said envelope, I hinted that I wasn’t sure if the irritation would be cleared up in time to lock back up before leaving on my week long visit to the midwest.  MrsL was having none of it.  She said “you do not travel without my cage on my cock” which instantly gave me an erection. She noticed and simply told me to calm down.  If I am being honest, this was about 12 hours in to being unlocked and the irritation was already clearing up quite nicely.  Why a sealed and signed envelope?  I am not a big fan of the plastic seals because you really can’t grab them and use them as leverage to adjust when needed.  Then, when you factor in the sharp edges poking holes in your undies or your skin it makes them less than desirable.  We created a new process that allows me to make it through airport security without the lock and switch out the plastic travel seal for the lock when I get to the hotel the first night out.

After getting home around 12:30 am Monday morning from an out of town event that my youngest son and I do every year, I got back in MrsL’s chastity cage and took her a plastic seal.  I got about 2 hours sleep before having to get up to head to the airport all sealed up with the lock/envelope in my bag.  I just now got off of FaceTime with MrsL.  While on FaceTime, I have to show MrsL the number on the seal before she gives me permission to break the seal and apply the lock.  She has to hear the click and see that it is fully closed.  Some nights she stays on to talk and other nights she says bye as soon as she sees/hears the click and then starts sexting with me.  Tonight we talked about family stuff going on.  It was great; however, I wish I was at home.

Each morning, I have to take a picture of the sealed envelope against a newspaper showing the date and send that to MrsL in a text.  Then each night during our FaceTime she inspects the lock and the envelope.  Finally on the night before I have to fly home we reverse the process: using the emergency key to remove the lock and applying the plastic seal.  Once I get home MrsL then removes the plastic seal and reapplies the lock and the emergency key goes back attached to the rack in her closet with a plastic seal.  It is nice to be trusted with a little verification.

MrsL has mentioned that we will have to come up with a new routine once the Steelheart arrives back from Germany.

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